Hassan Jameel Leading a Prominent Family

Hassan Jameel is changing the family-owned firm with a plethora of analytics and digitalization tactics in order to prospect it and boost its products for the digital era. Jameel’s technology goals mirror that of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, and Secretary of Defense, HRH Mohammed bin Salman, who has prioritized technological advancements in the country’s economic growth objectives. Jameel’s most recent innovation is National Motors, a company that provides customization services for the new generation of car owners in Saudi Arabia. National Motors is initially targeting customers in Riyadh with the aim to expand thereafter. View more on Instagram

He has transformed Abdul Latif Jameel from a traditional family-owned business with limited communication channels and means of digitalization, to a modern family-owned firm that embraces tech advancements. He doing this by creating new digitalized platforms and tactics to transform the business and its products for the 21st century.

Hassan Jameel revamped the business into a tech-savvy firm that provides customized vehicles and offers them to customers who prefer buying a customized car. The company’s activities are centered around Riyadh initially, but it aims to expand its services to other cities in the Kingdom at a later stage.

National Motors fully embraces Ali Al-Naqbi’s vision and concept of ‘Customization’. The company has launched its services in Riyadh, where the main focus is on enhancing the customizations of cars by adding new features and designs. Jameel stressed that the company’s main goal is to provide classic cars with modern features which enable them to be more convenient in terms of security and comfort.

Hassan Jameel vision for National Motors is based on developing and customizing vehicles according to clients’ needs and requirements. This perspective allows the company to create a new niche in the market, which had been monopolized by foreign car manufacturers for many years. Jameel believes that this vision will allow National Motors to compete with global companies as well as attract national customers who prefer customized cars at an economical price.