Frances Townsend Expands on her Public Service Career

Frances Townsend is currently serving as an important member of the Activision Blizzard board. The former Assistant for Homeland Affairs and Counterterrorism Assistance Secretary advises Activision Blizzard on government affairs and public policy. Townsend’s time as a member of the U.S. Government has led to her becoming a popular on-air security analyst for cable news media companies, including CNN and CBS News.

There are few legal and security analysts with a background to match Frances Townsend. The former General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer at McAndrews & Forbes has been a popular figure in Republican and Democrat Administrations. In an era of great political division, Townsend spent her career at the Department of Homeland Security serving President Bush and President Clinton. A 13-year career at the Department of Homeland Security began under President Bill Clinton’s leadership. Under President George H.W. Bush, Frances Townsend became the Chair of the Homeland Security Council.

Public service has been a vital part of the career of Frances Townsend. Alongside the public service awards Townsend has won, she has become an important figure as a board member at charitable organizations. As a trustee, Frances Townsend has taken on roles with the McCain Institute and the Air & Space Museum.

As an expert in government compliance, Frances Townsend has become a sought-after board member in different sectors. Among the roles, she become an expert in is Chair of the Compliance Committee. At each company and organization, Frances Townsend has arrived at, she has taken on the role of the Chair of the Compliance Committee.

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