Founder of K4 Global, Joseph Ashford

Joseph Ashford Ellis is a renowned London-based businessman and investor. He is the establisher of K4 Global, a marketing firm. Besides being the firm’s founder, he is its President, CEO, and Chairman. He is also responsible for overseeing all operations of The Butterfly Foundation.

Joseph’s life was not a bed of roses because he lost his loved ones at a tender age. Regardless of the loss, he did not give up and continued working and striving for the best. According to Joseph, the hardship and challenges he faced at a tender age shaped him to be a great person in society.

Joseph Ashford Ellis, a Bournemouth businessman, has worked in several firms that equipped him with skills and expertise integral in navigating and venturing in entrepreneurship and business management. He established small businesses before expanding to develop a multi-billion company, K4 Global. Joseph is an entrepreneur passionate about marketing which he consistently advocates for at every conference he attends. As a serial entrepreneur, he is proud to assist the young, and those passionate about becoming entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve their goals.

Joseph Ashford Ellis brought K4 Company to life in 2014. The company specializes in technology, service, property, and media, to name a few. The company nurtures passionate individuals who thirst for success and prosperity. Also, the firm owner instills a sense of teamwork and collaboration among his employees. Teamwork among workmates is a contributing factor to the firm’s revenue growth. His team of employees is committed to ensuring the firm maximizes returns and clients get top-notch and quality services.

Since establishing K4, Ashford has managed to improve its operations. The Bournemouth based firm has a culture that is consistent. It also has a philosophy to expand and be the best in the market. As a CEO, Ashford leads its members to work towards achieving top-notch results.

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