Eugene Potkin Created an Article With Photos

Eugene Potkin is a Russian who has been on death row multiple times, but he is still serving at the San Quentin State Prison in the U.S. He has been seen as a strong person who has gone through a lot and is still standing strong at the end of all of it. Eugene Potkin is known as a former Soviet Union military who was imprisoned in Russia for 15 years. After his release, he moved to America, serving three death sentences before being freed on parole and becoming an activist against capital punishment in his retirement years.

Potkin is known for taking a stand against Russian aggression in Ukraine. He created many articles showing the war-like actions of the Russians to his friends and family, who were excited to see how others were fighting back. Potkin’s reports included videos, pictures, and even links. He was also known for sending links on YouTube or other sites where you could see all the atrocities committed by the Russians. The links included the video titled “Donbas Mass Grave; 500+ Bodies Found in Ukraine”, which appeared on This video is a 35-minute video showing pictures and videos of people who were shot and killed by the Russians, as well as information about where they were taken and more.

Here are excerpts from Eugene Plotkin’s articles on this subject:

On 7-13-2014, another video showed the Russian military firing rockets at a BUK-TELAR, a militant weapon that has been used widely in the Ukrainian conflict. This video has been brought to our attention as one of many involving the shooting down of Ukrainian transport planes by the Russians. Many of these videos can be found on liveleak.

Eugene Potkin’s last article was from July 29th, 2014. It was titled “Ukraine war: Pictures of Bodies in Russian-Occupied Donbas,” and it was a link attached to this article. This article had thousands of shares and was liked many times, so it cannot be denied that this is a vital topic to oppose against the Russians.

On July 19th, 2014, Eugene Plotkin created an article with photos and videos of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The article was titled “Ukraine war: more pictures evidence of the invasion by the Russian military.” The video has been named as one of many that show proof of Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine-Crimea conflict. The video is a forty-three-minute video showing dozens of photos and videos taken over time.

Eugene Potkin had been seen on death row multiple times but was still standing strong. He was very respected and famous in Russia and other parts of the world. He was a renowned activist against capital punishment who had been sentenced to death, but then he was spared. He fought for his life with all he had and stood up for people who couldn’t do anything about their lives. Refer to this page for additional information.