Edgard Corona Journey in Fitness and wellness Industry

Edgard Corona gets well known for investing in the fitness industry, where he has founded two companies known SmartFit and Bio Ritmo. As the CEO and Founder, his company leads in the sports sector in Latin America and Brazil.
Edgard Corona got born in 1950 and pursued a course in chemical engineering at FAAP, which he received after completing his high school education.

He started his career in 1980 at the family sugar mill factory, which experienced financial problems. Upon talking over, he implemented modern management strategies that triggered the recovery of the business to a profit-making entity. After internal, misunderstanding within the factory, he left the company in 1990.

Edgard Corona established Bio academy in 1996 at Santo Amaro which set his career path. The company experienced challenges in its initial stages since Edgard Corona lacked knowledge of the fitness sector management. Despite the challenge, he remained focused and very optimistic about the business; he used his previous leadership skills, which made him model it to the extent of business excelling.

After the struggle and focus, the business stabilized to attract partners like Patria Investimentos and Sovereign Fund of Singapore. The stabilization got achieved by Edgard Corona’s persistence by attending international fitness conferences, which made him gain proper exposure in the gym area. Moreover, he managed to implement a horizontal management model in his business and hired top talents to thrive after working tirelessly. All this resulted in to increase in subscriptions by 15 percent through proper customer satisfaction levels.

A new unit SmartFit opened before the onset of the pandemic of Corona Virus that runs every 16 hours in the country. After this, Bio Ritmo, together with SmartFit, has 480 fitness centers in Latin America and Brazil, accumulating a 1.6 million customer base. It has made him appear the fourth largest fitness and wellness business in the whole globe. After the pandemic, the company did not perform well, but they introduced free online classes on wellness to boost their customers.