Don Manifold formed Manifold Advisory Partners and is a managing director of Equity and Advisory. He chairs companies like ADX Depot, EC Carpets, Booth Transport and Hybrid Ag, he is the Whittle Management director and a Finance and Risk Committee member at Seymour College. Don worked as a managing partner at Northern Territory and EY South Australia.

Don Manifold worked professionally for 30 years, 25 in corporate finance. Don has a vast knowledge of divestments, acquisitions, IPOs, and capital raisings and has worked with high-end companies in transaction advisory for the past 15 years. He has worked with many companies in different sectors, including consumer goods, agriculture, information technology, financial services, retail, and manufacturing.

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Don has worked for over 60 companies in many countries like England, Croatia, and Australia, with a total value of $3 billion. He has independently made 50 reports and valuations, costing over $25 billion. His most outstanding achievement was the S. Kidman and Company’s divestment in 2016. Other acquisitions he has achieved include ABB Grain, Adelaide Bank, and Powerhealth sale.

Don Manifold graduated from Flinders University with a degree in Economics and a Master of Business Administration from the Australia Graduate School of Management. He later joined Chartered Accountant Institute. Don started his career in Adelaide, South Australia.

He worked in Sydney, Melbourne, and London. In 2012, Manifold came back to Adelaide and worked for KPMG. Over the years, he has advised on international transactions in countries like Croatia, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and England. His vast knowledge made him form his own company in 2018 called Manifold Advisory Partners.

The company develops and executes business strategies for companies at the board level. They deal with different sectors that require consultancy services. Don Manifold has excellent experience and knowledge, making his firm suitable for industries to deliver significant outcomes.

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