Don Manifold Advisory Consults With Clients

Don Manifold was born in Adelaide, South Australia. He has an engineering background in civil construction. He earned a degree of Bachelor of Science from the University of Adelaide and a Master of Engineering from the University of New South Wales.


Manifold Advisory uses a hybrid model of statistical and qualitative analysis, a combination of companies’ methods. It can be described as combining techniques from various fields to provide concise answers to client requests. These techniques include decision trees, simulation, and artificial intelligence (AI) software optimization.

For instance, in the case of risk management for retail customers, Manifold Advisory can solve optimal investment strategies that include risk control using AI software and financial modelling that calculates scenarios such as price movement and profitability.


Manifold Advisory consults with clients to determine how to maximize data collection and use current data to predict future outcomes. The company uses this data analysis to provide actionable business solutions while at the same time maintaining client confidentiality and privacy.

Software Development

The company also has developed software consisting of a library of computer programs that can solve problems in a wide range of fields, including healthcare, energy consumption, transportation systems, and the financial services industry.

The reasons why Manifold decided to establish his firm included an increasing dissatisfaction with the current offerings of his former company- PIMCO. He wanted to shift from the traditional PIMCO method of investment management to a company that utilizes AI and predictive analytics.

Don Manifold Advisory’s main clients are hedge funds, asset managers, insurance companies, and banks. One of their most significant achievements so far was developing a “trading strategy” for a medium-sized asset management firm.
Don Manifold Advisory is a Financial Services Innovation Alliance (FSIA) member. The members include Clearside Technology, Digital Risk, Fairbourne Finance, and Intellitix.