Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy

The Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy is the perfect place for aspiring entrepreneurs to get the tools, training, and guidance they need to succeed. The academy offers professional training for sales, communication, and marketing. IM Academy also guides marketing the business to landing clients and attract revenue.

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy CEO, is a recognized Internet marketing expert quoted in Entrepreneur Magazine and featured on Fox Business. Christopher Terry began his business career as an insurance salesman. However, he quickly realized the limits of his profession and decided to become an internet marketer. In 2004, after studying business and sales models for about three years, he started working for himself, selling information products to businesses.

In 2009, Terry founded the IM Academy as an independent sales training organization. Since then, the academy has grown to become one of the world’s most respected sales training organizations. Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy Co-Founder, has built a significant personal following and respect due to his ability to analyze and synthesize the tools available in internet marketing, SMM, social media marketing, E-mail marketing, and lead generation.

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy, has written multiple books that touch on critical internet marketing and sales aspects. The books include: “Internet Marketing For Dummies,” “Internet Marketing for Beginners,” “The Complete Guide to Scaling your Success with E-Commerce” and “How do I get customers?”

Additionally, he has been involved with several other businesses that have achieved significant success in the business world and helped lead them to become successful companies. He is the managing member of USI Marketing Group LLC and the Chief Executive Officer of Chris Terry Trading Inc.

The Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy offers a wide variety of training and support materials to help its students take action. The academy provides tutorial assistance, promotional tools, and information on how to create its products. The academy’s training materials include a variety of e-courses, videos, podcasts, and the IM Mastery Enterprise. Visit this page for related information.


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