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The IM Academy Offers A Variety Of Products

Academies are the core offerings of IM Mastery Academy, according to Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy CEO of the organization. The IM Academy website features four distinct training programs those new

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customers can access with the help of a referral from a customer or an IBO.

Each video module comprises instructional films and an endless amount of engaging GoLive sessions in which learners may apply whatever they’ve studied in the videos to real-life circumstances, according to Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy CEO.

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy is the pioneer of IM Academy. As the CEO of IM Academy, he is responsible for growing the company and its IM-related ventures. Chris is a social entrepreneur and gives back to society through the IM Academy Foundation; he works with other entrepreneurs involved in digital marketing to grow their companies and their businesses.

Students learn the basics of Forex trading as well as how to employ IM video lectures and GoLive conversational sessions to go at their own pace in their education. GoLive active teaching sessions are where students put what they’ve learned from the videos into practice, and this hands-on approach to learning is what makes the videos so effective.

Students from across the world can participate in these interactive GoLive events, which are offered in 13 languages and at various times to accommodate students from around the world’s time zones.

One-hour long GoLive sessions with IM Educators provide ample time for inquiries and discussion on topics related to that module’s content. Pre-recorded video modules for each institution can be accessed by students. Prerecorded content from IM can now be accessed on mobile devices using the IM Academy app.

The student’s knowledge of the project’s subject is assessed at the end of each module through an exam. According to Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy, students must pass this question before moving on to the next video module.

Students get unfettered online access to IM Instructors while their membership is ongoing. Regardless of whether they decide to discontinue their subscription, they will still have access to all four academies’ already recorded and digital content.

The four IM training institutes are as follows:

The FRX Institute

New students at the FRX Academy learn the basics of foreign trading currencies through videos and GoLive sessions. The 76 video lessons in the academy cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Exactly what is foreign exchange trading?
  • A look at the history of Forex
  • What does the foreign exchange market trade?
  • What you need to know about how people buy and sell
  • Understanding the difference between a bid and an ask for a stop loss
  • The study of current trends
  • Harmonics: A Brief Overview
  • The process of risk management planning

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