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Traveling Vineyard Brings Opportunity to Make Extra Income

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     The Traveling Vineyard has become one of the most popular companies for anyone that’s looking for a chance to earn some extra income. There are some stay-at-home moms that are actually full-time employees for the Traveling Vineyard. What the majority of them like the most about this company is that it gives them the opportunity to build their own schedules and work at their own pace.

People that have become part of the Traveling Vineyard family are aware that they can sell wine through hosting parties. This is where people get the chance to interact with one another and also build additional contacts as they introduce exclusive Traveling Vineyard wines to new clients. This is one of the best place for people to experience what the Traveling Vineyard selection of wines offers in contrast to what they may find in a typical grocery store or beverage store.

The Traveling Vineyard has a popular business model in which an experienced wine consultant becomes the person that brings forth their experience and there ideals about how new Consultants can build their own businesses. Wine Consultants that have experienced can help those new consultants become well-versed in what they need to say and how they need to go out to build their customer base.

The Traveling Vineyard has definitely given many women a chance to interact with their friends and even make new friends as they host parties and sale these delectable wine selections for wine connoisseurs. The great thing about becoming a wine consultant is that they don’t have to have any prior knowledge of wine or even be wine lovers themselves. They simply need to know the business model and obtain information that is needed to present this wine to other wine drinkers. That is going to be the main thing that is needed in order to build a successful client base.

Getting repeat business is obviously the best way to increase sales as a consultant for the Traveling Vineyard. There is a lot of interest in this business because it gives people a chance to make some extra money easily.

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Honey Birdette plans on Broadening its Market.

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Honey Birdette is a lingerie company based in Brisbane, Australia. The company has recently launched its US e-commerce site and goes ahead to share its ambitions of expanding its retail in the UK from the current three stores, to about 40 by the year ending 2018. The brand came into existence in the year 2006. The idea of its establishment came from Eloise Monaghan.

For over a year, the brand experienced over 374 percent increase in online sales in the US alone. It is this success that prompted them to launch the US site. The platform aims at enhancing the experience of the US consumer which include easier returns, faster delivery as well as a wider range of products. It also targets the retail openings in the US. The company initially had its customers in Australia alone until last year when it opened its first store in London’s Covent Garden and later Leeds’ Victoria Gate as well as one in Westfield White City.

The trademark has over ten openings that it has lined up in the UK including Liverpool, Newcastle, Westfield Stratford, and Leeds. By the end of the year 2018, the brand intends to have had 40 stores in the UK. Honey Birdette has 55 stores in Australia and still focuses on other locations in the UK.

The brand has a range of products and strives to develop new products be it the delicate lace or the thick textures. At the lead is none other than the founding executive director Eloise Monaghan. Each and every product that is sold by the company is designed at Honey Birdette Headquarters.

The brand has prices that are friendly to the customers with the premium label starting price being about $ 35 for briefs and $60 for bras. A private investment known as BBRC backs the trademark. The brand has a substantial social media presence such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.