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Jim Toner: More Than Meets the Eye

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Jim Toner is a man who has quite a few talents. He is first and foremost an entrepreneur. He is also a radio host, author, and speaker. When it comes to entrepreneurship, Jim has more than twenty years of experience when it comes to real estate and how it works. His life is not all work however, Jim Toner makes sure to give back as much as he can. He volunteers his time with the homeless as well as veterans. In a recent article for Jim gives some tips on how to be financially free in the current economy.

When beginning a new job in real estate Jim Toner says that the best weapon a person can have is a positive attitude. Many people may not use this trick when getting started. the key is when an opportunity comes along will a person see it as a way to make money or as something that gets in his or her way. The way that people view something as it is presented to them can make all of the difference.

A second thing for people to do in order to succeed is to keep a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Keeping healthy is one of the big keys in making a lot of money or none at all. If a person cannot stay healthy, then people will not think you are of much value to the company. By maintaining good and healthy habits, a person’s value to a company will increase because the person is there for the company and the workers. This increases the bottom line and that is a good thing.

A final tip is to learn to sell as mentioned in When a person talks to someone he or she is selling themselves. People may not be naturals at sales, but they can learn the basics and succeed with it.

Jim Toner has taken these three things to heart and made a success out of it. He may have his ups and downs, but he knows the track he is on. His eyes are always kept on the end prize.


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Hussain Sajwani – The Real Estate Pioneer from Dubai

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The real estate space of Dubai is well-known across the globe for being one of the most advanced and modern. The real estate landscape of Dubai and other major cities of U.A.E are known to be full of skyscrapers. Hussain Sajwani is a famous personality in the real estate sphere of the United Arab Emirates and is the owner of the multi-million real estate conglomerate named Damac Properties. Hussain Sajwani has helped in ways more than one to the real estate boom of Dubai and has so far developed and delivered more than 17,000 homes. Hussain Sajwani did his schooling in Dubai and went to the United States for higher studies, where he joined GASCO after completing his education.

However, due to the burning entrepreneurial spirit that Hussain Sajwani possessed from the very beginning, he stopped the job he was doing and started his catering firm that went on to become one of the biggest in the business. The Al Jazeera Catering Service by Hussain Sajwani at one point even had clients such as Bechtel and U.S. Military. Also, though Hussain Sajwani has shifted his primary focus to real estate after starting Damac Properties, Al Jazeera Services continue to run profitably till date. Hussain Sajwani played a significant role in the exponential growth that Damac Properties has witnessed in the past few years.

One of the reasons behind the rapid growth of Damac Properties is the marketing efforts implemented by Hussain Sajwani. The buyers of many of the properties of Damac Properties are gifted free Mercedes and BMWs, and it is such marketing stunts that have made Damac Properties even more famous among the public. Hussain Sajwani is also known for his connection with the United States President, who is also the owner of Trump Inc. Damac Properties and the real estate firm of Donald Trump has collaborated on various projects in the past and currently is working on the development of golf courses in Dubai. In the new year speech of United States President, Donald Trump praised Hussain Sajwani profusely for his achievements in the field of real estate and helping cultural exchange between the United States and UAE.


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José Auriemo Neto the Force Behinds JHSF Success

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JHSF Participações S.A. is one of the major real estate players in the Brazilian economy. Founded in 1972 as JHS before going out on its own in 1990, JHSF has always had an eye in the high-end real estate sector in both commercial and residential properties. Until date, JHSF has been involved in a couple of development and administration of international airports, luxury hotels, and high-end shopping malls. Currently, the company has its presence in areas cities such as Salvador, São Paulo, Manaus and internationally in Miami and New York in the USA and Punta del Este Uruguay.

Most of the company’s success can be attributed to two key factors. One, good business practices and two good leadership. When it comes to business practices, no real estate beats that of JHSF. Since its establishment, JHSF has invested heavily its financial resources in innovative, pioneering and daring technology. This technology coupled with reliable and qualified personnel has seen the real estate company come up quality solutions that have helped them solve most of their customers’ needs and even surpass their expectation.

The second factor that has helped JHSF make the strides it has made in the industry is its leadership. Currently, JHSF is led by José Auriemo Neto who is the CEO and chairman to its board. Mr. Neto is not your ordinary CEO. Having being brought up in a real estate family where his father Mr. Auriemo Neto was one of the founders of JHS, José was able to learn a lot on how to successfully run a real estate industry of JHSF magnitude. His time at the company before assuming the top leadership position was quite influential on his leadership as he was able to develop himself even building the first service department for the company called Parkbem. Under Neto’s leadership, Parkbem was able to grow from a small parking lot company to the big and diverse service industry the company boasts of.

In addition to his experience, José Auriemo Neto is also qualified. Mr. Neto is a graduate of Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University located in Sao where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree.