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Freedompop Review Says You Can “Top Up” Data With FreedomPop

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Cellular phone service has been through many changes since creation. It began with the large bag phones. Individuals carried the large black purse bags with the phone everywhere they went. The handset was the size of a shoe attached by a curly cord. The cell phone dial pad was in the handset. The cost for using this bag phone was not cheap. Every time the cell phones were updated, the cell services added higher charges. Before long, most cell phone carriers had phone bills of $100 or more just to make calls for a month. This price was outrageous.


The PT money Freedom pop article review is saying practically the same thing. The writer vowed not to pay this high cost but ended up eating their words. We all say we will never do something that we end up doing. Cell phone service bundles began to make changes in the way we paid for service. Phone companies began to bundle things like the internet, phone, and television together. The cost was still high. Eventually, cell phone services began to separate themselves. Consumers began searching for cheaper ways to have cell phone service.


Along came Freedom pop and the free cell phone service that provides 200 voice minutes for free. The only thing a customer would need to do was to buy a phone that was already hooked up with Freedom Pop. The choices in phones are remarkable. There are Apple phones, Blackberry phones, I-phones, and inexpensive LG type phones to choose from. The phones are not expensive.


Along with phone service, PT Money Article tells that Freedom Pop provides data and a hotspot for use. The amount of data may not be enough for most people that like to surf the web, facebook, and works online. Freedom pop offers an unlimited plan for under twenty dollars. In the unlimited plan, the customer gets unlimited call hours, unlimited texts, and over 500 MB data. You can purchase more data or have an “automatic top up” set on your phone in case you need more data. You have the choice, you enable or disable the top up button on the phone.


Check out the Freedompop Review for all the information on the unlimited cell phone service that is cheap. Check out how most customers get the phone service 100% free of charge. The free service gives customers great Sprint coverage with 4G capability. Freedom offers the cheapest internet phone service ever.

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FreedomPop Raises Another $50 Million for International Expansions

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FreedomPop is mobile phone services and a wireless internet provider based in Los Angles, California. It was founded by Stephen Stokols the CEO, and Steve Sesar. The company is backed by DCM Capital, Mangrove Capital, Axiata, and Partech Ventures. It uses Clearwire and Sprint’s network to provide free mobile services including text, voice call, and free data. According to Engadget Reviews, FreedomPop has strong signal quality and services, which is a seriously attractive alternative to larger carriers. FreedomPop’s mission has always been ensuring that all people have access to essential and affordable communication services. With FreedomPop Nationwide Wi-Fi and its auto-connect access, there is no need for authentication pages or manual configuration via device setting.


FreedomPop is going beyond traditional business of mobile carriers by providing ways of using mobile devices free of any charges. In efforts to continue its global rollout beyond its home market and launch international products, the company has raised $50 million. These products include free hotspots in over 25 countries and SIM that will enable users to access free data and calls on their devices across multiple regions. This funding appeared just six months after the company raised $30 million with its investors such as Intel. It brings the total raised to $109 million. According to Stokols, the international expansion has been adamant; the UK market is going extremely well with conversion level of 45% after last year launching. Considering that UK was the first international market beyond U.S. in the next 24 months, the number of users in the UK is projected to go beyond 1 million while U.S has over 1 million users.


FreedomPop plan is to explore more new markets, and by June this year, the company will cover U.S, the U.K, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. In addition, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic markets will be covered. By the end of this year, its services will extend to 40 countries including Latin America and Asia.


Primarily most MVNOs buy messages, data, and minutes from their carriers in bulk and then resell it to their customers. However, FreedomPop buys only data that it uses to offer its unique services. Rather than pre-buying in bulk, it negotiates different usage and pays only what FreedomPop customers use. Recently, FreedomPop has been working on ways of utilizing this technology directly within different carriers’ networks, thus building new service for them and in the process give FreedomPop more diverse revenue.