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The Career And Unique Ingenuity Of Hussain Sajwani Made The Damac Owner A Success

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The name Hussain Sajwani is closely associated with his numerous real estate projects, Dubai and Damac Properties and DAMAC foundation. He initiated two of the biggest booms in real estate, both before and after the crash of 2008. The Damac owner began his career going to his fathers shop every day after school. He accredits part of his success to the lessons he learned during these years. His father taught him the importance of adapting to a customer base. Eventually he was awarded a United States scholarship.


Forbes has stated the tenth richest Arab is the Damac owner, Hussain Sajwani. His net worth is estimated at $3.7 billion. In 2017, the fourth largest company in the Arab world was Damac Properties. As the biggest private developer in Dubai, the Damac owner was hit hard during the property crash of 2008. He battled his way through and restored his fortunes. Hussain Sajwani always had a lot of ambition. He studied in Baghdad and went to the University of Washington in Seattle to study economics and engineering. The gap the countries was immense including high rises, freeways and enormous retail and department stores. This was when the Damac owner realized what was actually possible.


Chairman of DAMAC group Hussain Sajwani went back home in 1982. He went out on his own two years later and founded Global Logistics Services to enter the world of catering. In 1996 the construction began in Deira for the first of five hotels. The government began allowing expats to hold property leases for 99 years in 2001. The decree of 2002 enabled freehold property ownership for foreigners. This was the year Hussain Sajwani decided the timing was right to found Damac Properties. He admits he did not know at the time this moment would completely change his life but he clearly saw the opportunity.


From 2004 until 2006, Hussain Sajwani made nearly five times the profit from investing in the stock market than in real estate. This money went right back into the land. Damac Properties grew quickly and it grew big. Hussain Sajwani saw the crash of 2018 coming and the measures he took saved his company.

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Hussain Sajwani’s Journey to Success

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The success of a company will highly depend on the skillful leadership of the chief executive officer. This, therefore, means that any business organizations can only succeed if the leader has excellent entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. The vision and dedication of the ideas that the leader has is also another factor that determines the success of the company. Getting several awards means that you are excellent at what you do. This is the case with Hussain Sajwani. This DAMAC owner has been able to scoop several awards. In 2017’s Top CEO Awards, Hussain Sajwani was able to take the first place after defeating the other CEOs in the list. In addition to this award, he was also ranked 11 amongst one hundred CEOs in the region.

The DAMAC owner has become iconic in the region due to the high entrepreneurial skills that he displays in the running of the business. In the area, DAMAC property is well recognized. The firm is involved in the development of luxurious properties.

Hussain Sajwani holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington. After school, he was able to secure a job with a company known as GASCO. He, later on, decided to practice his entrepreneurial skills by starting a catering venture. This step proved to be a success. The business enterprise that he started has been able to grow immensely. The investment has been able to become one of the most recognized catering firms. It caters for more than two hundred projects across different regions. Besides, the venture has been documented to serve more than a hundred and fifty thousand meals in a day.

The DAMAC owner is seen as one of the pioneers of real estate investments in the region. he established several hotels in 1990’s that would accommodate the high populations that flowed to the region to conduct business. This was a successful step. In 2002, he was able to found DAMAC Properties.

The DAMAC owner has had several business meetings with Donald Trump, US president. The sessions are geared towards having joint ventures in the real estate investments.

The DAMAC owner is also a philanthropic person. This is seen through the fact that he has been donating millions to many charitable organizations.

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The life of Jed McCaleb

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Have you ever seen ads go across the screen of your tv or ads in the newspaper talking about Stellar? Have you ever asked yourself who there were or what they did? I am about to tell you more about them.

Stellar is a network that works to make a payment system that is set up like an email where there is money coming in and money coming out of an account. This makes things more organized ed and thought through. They make it where you can connect with the small banks and the bigger banks all together sort of like the way an email works. The company doesn’t need many people to make this whole idea come to life they just need enough to make sure that they have everything and all the answers as to if the idea is going to work or not. This should help Stellar become the bigger company that it was made to be without all the fuss of working harder on the company then they need to work.

This company works with the big-name banks, but they don’t seem themselves becoming a private block chain company which makes total sense to keep it the same to the public in order to have the business that they have already. Stellar is a network which connects people to all of the other networks that mean something out there. If you want to send money through one account to another then that would be on the stellar network. These networks have been investigated and have been put down as reliable. This means that everything on the Stellar network has been tested and are a good source to have. There are fears regarding the networks though and many people have brought concerns and questions to the table on how to make sure that their accounts have been checked and are safe.

Stellar network works hard to make sure that these questions and concerns have been addressed and are taken care of.

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Television Show Personality Ryan Seacrest Using Fame to Help Children

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Ryan Seacrest has made a name for himself in both radio and television. Now he’s using that worldwide name recognition to help children recovering from and/or fighting an illness. Seacrest began his career in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia with a radio show. However, he had to move to Los Angeles to find his stardom.

American Idol Launched Ryan Seacrest’s Career.

At the time Seacrest won the television hosting gig at American Idol, he had been working in Los Angeles for a while. One of his first jobs in Hollywood was in radio. He hosted an afternoon radio show called Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home.

The radio show ended in 2004. In 2003, Seacrest lived the dream that many radio personalities wish to have. He went into syndication with On Air with Ryan Seacrest. The next year, Seacrest began hosting the iconic American Top 40.

American Idol was not his only hosting job in front of the camera. Prior to his big break on Idol, he was hired to host ESPN’s Radical Outdoor Challenge. He also hosted the syndicated television show for children called Click.

In 2005, Seacrest took over for another one of his idols (the first being Casey KasEm) Dick Clark. He co-hosted the New Year’s Eve Special Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. At that time, he also worked for E! News.

Seacrest has even made time in his ultra-busy schedule to work behind the scenes. He has produced television shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He won an Emmy Award for another television show called Food Revolution.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation Aids the Healing Process for Children Through Music.

Seacrest started his foundation with the initiative to build real broadcast media centers inside pediatric hospitals. These media broadcast centers named Seacrest Studios are creative outlets for children staying in the hospital because it gives them the chance to learn while they heal.

Ryan Seacrest knew at a young age he wanted to be a radio personality. He worked hard to make his dream reality. Although he has a stellar career, he is most proud of helping children in the hospital.

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Sentient AI- The best technology option for digital and e-commerce marketers

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Sentient Technologies Artificial Intelligence (AI) was founded in 2007. The primary agenda that its founders, that is, Antoine Blondeau, Babak Hodjat and Adam Cheyer had was to change the face of marketing. Considering the ever-changing technology, they used the aspect to give marketing a new face value which is e-commerce with Artificial Intelligence. So far very many retail entrepreneurs have embraced because of its positive impacts.

Sentient is continuously upgrading its features. This has overseen its ability to acquire funds and its continuous popularity when it comes to digital marketing and e-commerce. Its popularity is due to its effectiveness. Some of the outstanding features are; e-commerce recommendation engine, conversion rate optimization and empowering of store staff.

Sentient AI- e-commerce Recommendation Engine (STELLA)

AI – E-commerce recommendation engine can enhance an entrepreneur’s long-term profits in their store. Shoppers always appreciate the easy accessibility of products that they intend to purchase. This driver does that. This means that the engine, in this case, is the salesperson. It recommends to clients what to buy and give a wide variety of items that the customer may be interested in. With Sentient Aware, it provides the customer with in-depth information on products, therefore; it makes work more comfortable and in the long run boost profits.

Sentient AI- conversion rate optimization

Here, Sentient AI is making it possible for business people to test a variety of ideas at the same time in limited time frame but solutions at their disposition. This means that conversion rate is bound to rise. It is even better in that in case of stakeholders or sponsors interest in different businesses; they can access reviews from the customer’s point of view. This is a good thing.


Sentient AI- capacitate store workers

Despite the use of Chatbots, workers are still essential even though the business is online. This is because in one way or another their services are required. For instance, in the stores, Business people avail some of their experienced workers to approach the customers and help in any way they can to boost the sales of the shops. Therefore, with the help of the robots and the internet space, the workers can avail meaningful interactions with the clients.

From the several examples given, it is a clear indication that AI technologies are boosting digital marketing. Also, the companies that are already utilizing their services can attest that it is one of the wisest decision for e-commerce businesses.