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“Papa John’s CEO Just Apologized To Customers

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Steve Ritchie, the CEO of Papa John’s, is anything but a good and positive influence towards this company and brand. After the company was caught is bad scenario a few months ago, Steve Ritchie took upon himself to apologize directly to his customers. He showed true leadership when he took the initiative to directly appeal to customers after the racial slur threatened to tear the company apart. Papa John’s like other Major companies in the United States who offers services to numerous customers are often affected by sensitive issues that touch on the society, and Papa John’s was no exception. Steve Ritchie understands this and that why he took a very wise decision to apologize to customers before things got out of hand.

This time, Steve Ritchie showed empathy, to some extent some vulnerability, but offered a sincere and direct apology. Steve further pointed out the kind of behavior which led to this regretful event would not be tolerated on any employee working at Papa John’s.

Mr. Ritchie also employed quite some wise distancing. Clearly, Steve pointed out that the employee views were not directly his, and that Papa John’s company is bigger than one individual (even its own founder) and everyone should understand that the company consist of 120,000 people , and not a business of one individual.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns then went ahead to remind the readers that the company members of staff were all staples in their respective communities and are hardworking people who respect others. He pinpointed some specific actions they would be taking so that they can address inclusion and diversity and he promised that he would be personally spearheading the effort. Steve showed accountability and went ahead to say that he would be held accountable.

Steve has also strengthened policies within the company that have shown he meant what he said and that such incidences would never be witnessed again. His apology has been well received by the clients and other business partners, and things have resumed to normal, and the company has regained its status that has taken years to build. Other members of staff at Papa John’s were supportive of their CEO, and everyone is happy. Read about Ritchie’s open letter here.

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Shervin Pishevar: Economic Upheaval

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Shervin Pishevar discussed economic problems impacting the modern world. As it turns out, these problems seem greater than Shervin Pishevar brought to the public’s attention months ago. Humanity is not just witnessing squabbles between superpowers or trade sanctions. Both of these are indeed the case, but there are also many local challenges.

Few deny that the world economy is experiencing widespread trade issues. Some media organizations are reporting several instances as outright trade wars. There are fundamental problems that underlie some of these issues. From long-standing national and border conflicts to scarce resources, the world economy is undergoing a major overhaul.

Technology cannot be ignored as part of a top-level solution. Among the most highly regarded technologies are artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. Both have already made their presence known as extremely significant percentages of the world’s GDP.

AI is generally considered the technology that is most heavily invested in by powerful organizations. Shervin Pishevar expects such tech to dramatically change how human beings view and operate their world. Jobs, information interfaces, and approaches to society are all economic areas where AI is permeating. Combined with robots, AI will be able to replace many of the current jobs previously thought of as untouchable by automation. Information dissemination becomes more of a personal exchange when an AI interface has a better understanding of human commands.

Shervin Pishevar foresees these advantages causing the world to rethink approaches to society. At one time, a personal assistant was reserved for the wealthy. Now, these jobs are a growing aspect of online employment. AI companies have already begun marketing personal assistants in their voice-controlled products. The world is not very far away from every human being that possesses a phone also having a virtual personal assistant/tutor. Imagine what this would do for global education.

Blockchain technology is a disruptive force that few understand its implications. AI will need data. Blockchains provide an immutable ledger on which AI can acquire data without human mistakes or interference. This data is in raw form. As AIs develop, their ability to use raw data will improve.

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Victoria Doramus and Volunteering Work

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Victoria Doramus is someone with a lot of success. She has learned a lot about marketing. She has also used her skills successfully to help her clients increase their business and their sales. With the skills that she has used, she has also made a name for herself and gained a following of her own that makes it possible for businesses to profit off of her name. Victoria has also written about fashion and other topics that she is passionate about. She has put herself on the map with her skills and shown people that she has a lot of valuable skills.

While Victoria Doramus is one of the successful businesswomen, she is also involved in volunteering work. She works as a philanthropist in various areas in life. One of the charities she has worked with is The Amy Winehouse Foundation. This foundation is involved with helping children when it comes to substance abuse. One main thing they do to help people with this is by educating them. Often times, people find themselves getting into a mess because they did not have the proper education. For instance, some people find themselves addicted to alcohol because they weren’t told enough about alcohol addiction which includes how it feels.

One of the best things about Doramus is that she is a role model. She is able to help others find a positive path through her example. Victoria Doramus is involved in fashion which is popular among many people of all genders. Therefore, women who may find themselves lacking in direction can be inspired by Victoria in the choices she makes. With her involvement in fashion as well as different volunteer work, she can help motivate others to make positive choices. With volunteer work, people can make a difference in other people’s lives in ways that are deeper than expected. Follow her on

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Peter Briger, Principal of Fortress Investment Group

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Fortress Investment Group Booms under Peter Briger

Fortress Investment Group started operating in 1998 as a private equity firm. It is a famous asset management firm that sets the pace in the investment industry. The company’s head consists of three principals all of whom have a different location.Randal Nardone and Wes Edens have their base in New York and Peter Briger who operates from San Francisco. The headquarters of the company is in New York.The principal and co-chairman to the board of directors at Fortress, Peter Briger, was a member of the board for about three years until he was appointed co-chairman in 2009.Before being a director, he was a Management Committee member at the same institution from 2002. He is currently held responsible for the Credit and Real Estate department at Fortress.

Before 2002, Briger spent his preceding career years at Goldman Sachs and Co. where he then became a partner in 1996. He worked there for 15 good years. He is a Princeton University B.A graduate. He also holds an M.B.A degree from Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.He is a titan in the finance industry. He is one of the 400 best business professionals globally by Forbes. He continues to receive credit for Fortress going public as a company. From his early career days, Peter Briger gathered vast experience. That has helped him take Fortress to a notch higher.Fortress Investment Group currently boasts a pool of over $65 billion regarding assets. Their clients are both private and institutional investors thus the broad base of clientele.

Despite the numerous divisions at Fortress, Briger holds an influential position at the firm. He is in charge of conversion of strained financial instruments into cash. With the current economic distress, his work has received worldwide acknowledgment. His work at Fortress Investment Group has seen the company get to where it is now.Besides being a successful professional, Peter is a philanthropist. He is a board member of some non-profit organizations. Providing education and other basic needs, as well as alleviation of poverty, are of great concern to him.He is a board member to Caliber Schools. It is a charter that prepares young people for successful lives at the college level and beyond. At 51 years of age, Peter Briger is a titan and a force to be reckoned with in the finance sector.

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Jim Toner: A Successful Investor, Author and a Consultant in the Real Estate Business

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For over 25 years, Jim Toner has enjoyed his career as an investor in the real estate business, a consultant, a speaker and a radio show host. He has spoken across the country about the value of investing intelligently in real estate and has appeared in the likes of Bill Bartmann, Frank Mckinney, The Napoleon Hill Foundation and Sharon Lechter. His expertise in making the business more profitable to the general public has made his service attract huge demand. Many people consistently pay around $2,000 to $15000 so that they can be present at his real estate venture programs.

For the many years, he has been in the business, Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) has imparted thousands with the way to financial freedom by using his strategy of 12 Little House Plan. Jim is an active philanthropist who has been recognized nationally for his work to the homeless.

Currently, he coaches groups and also works with Limited Private Clients Group and in both, he works on waiting lists. Occasionally, Jim accepts entrepreneurial business issues and even new clients on private coaching.

In his book “The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate,” Jim Toner gives real stories of people who have been changed by his program in the real world. He narrates how Individuals from all walks of life have achieved their dreams and accomplished financial freedom using his system as he gives their stories in full. As the market is changing, he offers ideas of where to get perfect opportunities, ways to avoid lies, pitfalls and charlatans who try to steal your money. Having lost all his money at some point in his business, Jim Toner gives tips on how to invest in the real estate the right way as he provides a simple blueprint that works. Whether you are new in the business or you are an established investor, the book is designed to help everyone. The book is not about ideas and theories, but detailed accounts of strategies to use and real-life instance studies. It offers an assured system that offers real-world accounts of people who have followed a proven structure and succeed and also it helps individuals to operate through the tons of misinformation.

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Jim Toner and His Commendable Career as an Author, Entrepreneur and Public Speaker in The Real Estate Niche

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An elaborate and accurate recap of the interview that real estate investor Jim Toner did for Ideamensch would be incomplete if it didn’t start first with the ideas and business lessons that Toner wants to share to the readers. For starters, Toner shared that for one to get a lot chances of success in business, the ideas that define the core of the company’s vision should be clarified. Clarity is essential and crucial. Clarity will give vision and fuel to one’s creative endeavors and to get the energy to withstand challenges in running a business.

According to Jim Toner in the interview that one’s business model should be tested in a trial and error style. Only through a strategy like this that sustainable results verifiable in a real-world situation can be obtained.

The interview also shared the success that Jim Toner enjoys lately both as an author of insightful real estate books. He’s also successful as a public speaker whose fame and prominence can already be compared with the likes of Bill Bartmann, Frank McKinney and Charon Lechter. Such reputation makes it not that much of a surprise that people pay as much as $15,000 and travel from across the globe just so they can hear Toner talk. Such talk is mostly about the true real estate investment programs today that would bring ominous profits.

Toner is also known for being a real estate entrepreneur with twenty-five years of experience already in the field. He’s also taught a large number of people already with his custom-made and time-tested 12 Little Houses Plan. Other than that, Toner also makes time for social charity work, including being a philanthropist who helps homeless people and veterans get the well-deserved assistance that they need. Toner is also a member of the Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation.

The career of Toner today is now spent more doing private consultancy in a Private Client Group set-up. He coaches groups and individuals about entrepreneurship, and it’s impressive to know that there’s a lot of waiting lists for attendees already, doing all they can to get to hear Toner speak about business.

Jim Toner’s reputation as a charismatic public speaker about business issues is already established, but he also doesn’t work alone. Toner is also known for being part of what is called “The Band of Rebels”. It’s a group of entrepreneurs that has for its focus the attitude of always being on the edge of real estate developments. The intention of such group is to generate the best ideas to share with their readers. It also aims to put in practice the attitude of fighting the odds that hamper success in real estate, as well as in other creative ventures.

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Defining success the Peter Briger way

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Combining business acumen and philanthropy has always been a goal Peter Briger has held close to him. He has in recent years been able to achieve this as he continues to grow both. He is today a member of various boards some as a business advisor while others are purely for his philanthropic causes. This includes the Silicon Valley Leadership Council for the Global Fund for Children and the Council on Foreign Relations an initiative geared towards a better understanding on what foreign relations entail among citizens and elected leaders. His contribution to these groups are essential as he already has a lot of experience working on the global stage, including the various committees he worked with and for during his time at Goldman Sachs this include the Global Control and Compliance Committee and Asian Management Committee. These Committees exposed Peter Briger to the way business is conducted in other areas of the world and he is thus quite an authority in the area.

He holds an MBA from the Wharton school of business which compliments his understanding of anything business. He did his undergraduate at Princeton, where he remains a very proud and active alumnus to this day. He was in fact very instrumental in the formation of the Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF) a fund geared towards helping upcoming entrepreneurs achieve success. Princeton was determined in growing its entrepreneurial badge and as such reached out to some of its most successful alumni. Peter Briger a firm believer in entrepreneurship was quick to jump on board contributing both time and money to the AEF. The fund offers approximately a hundred thousand US dollars to every approved proposal to help it grow.

The initiators are also guided by accomplished entrepreneurs who continuously over invaluable advice at all points. Today Peter Bridger is the Co-Chairman, Co-CEO, principal, and president of the Fortress investment group. This is no mean achievement having joined the group in 2002 from Goldman Sachs. He has been able to see the group grow to a 65-billion-dollar group with interests in almost all areas around the world. Today it’s listed on the stock exchange and continues to grow its presence in all the emerging areas as it looks to grow its investment portfolio. Peter Briger believes that he can juggle all these responsibilities and even take on more in the future as his experience as a leader grows too. He is also listed as one of the most influential business leaders in the country.

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Jim Toner: More Than Meets the Eye

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Jim Toner is a man who has quite a few talents. He is first and foremost an entrepreneur. He is also a radio host, author, and speaker. When it comes to entrepreneurship, Jim has more than twenty years of experience when it comes to real estate and how it works. His life is not all work however, Jim Toner makes sure to give back as much as he can. He volunteers his time with the homeless as well as veterans. In a recent article for Jim gives some tips on how to be financially free in the current economy.

When beginning a new job in real estate Jim Toner says that the best weapon a person can have is a positive attitude. Many people may not use this trick when getting started. the key is when an opportunity comes along will a person see it as a way to make money or as something that gets in his or her way. The way that people view something as it is presented to them can make all of the difference.

A second thing for people to do in order to succeed is to keep a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Keeping healthy is one of the big keys in making a lot of money or none at all. If a person cannot stay healthy, then people will not think you are of much value to the company. By maintaining good and healthy habits, a person’s value to a company will increase because the person is there for the company and the workers. This increases the bottom line and that is a good thing.

A final tip is to learn to sell as mentioned in When a person talks to someone he or she is selling themselves. People may not be naturals at sales, but they can learn the basics and succeed with it.

Jim Toner has taken these three things to heart and made a success out of it. He may have his ups and downs, but he knows the track he is on. His eyes are always kept on the end prize.


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Ryan Seacrest Foundation

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Ryan Seacrest Foundation is a non profit organization that hopes to educate and influence young people through the entertainment outlet. The foundation works very closely with hospitals and children who have been diagnosed with illnesses in hopes of using entertainment to touch them and the lives of their families. The foundation is very dedicated to a cause of better health through allowing children to explore and nourish their gifts and talents of entertainment.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation hopes to develop Seacrest Studios, a platform that gives children in pediatric studios a chance to tap into their media, television and radio abilities in hopes of using entertainment as a form of healing. The foundation does an outstanding job of involving currently popular celebrities and entertainment influencers within the foundation by inviting them into the children’s hospitals to interact with the children and promote a natural feeling that is positive and uplifting to the children, the influencers and their families.

The foundation gives the viewers and general public a chance to get involved in many different ways. As someone looking to become involved with Ryan Seacrest Foundation (@ryanseacrest) and their efforts to heal and uplift, one can become involved by donating, interning or volunteering or by simply spreading the word to friends, family and/or loved ones to bring awareness. In 2016, The Social Good Award for Kids Awareness Campaign or initiative, hosted by Cynopsis Media, was awarded to Ryan Seacrest Foundation through Seacrest Studios for its ability to draw awareness. The award proves that the efforts and passion of the foundation doesn’t go unnoticed because of the impact that is being made with the 10 Seacrest Studios that have been opened all around.

Through this foundation, the passion for healing, entertainment and children to be connected and work together for a greater purpose is very evident. This unique concept of healing is proven to be effective as the foundation has expanded significantly over the years. The foundation highly encourages more people to become involved in the affairs of healing children and youth of tomorrow. (Source:

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Michael Burwell: Chief Financial Officer Of The Willis Tower Watson

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Michael Burwell currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Willis Tower Watson. Prior to Michael joining the Willis Tower Watson, he worked at the Prince Water house coopers LLP for 31 good years. Michael is a certified public accountant and possesses a degree in business administration which he acquired from the Michigan State University. The same university named Michael Burwell as the Alumnus of the year back in 2010.


In an exclusive interview with Ideamensch, Michael explained the way his typical day looks like. He said that for him, a day begins at five in the morning. He added that he has a habit of making his bed daily, as this makes him feel as if he has accomplished something. He then gets a peloton bike and while riding it that’s when he thinks about what he wants to achieve before the day ends. He also said that at the beginning of every week or month, he sets a target of what he wants to achieve at the end of both.


According to Michael Burwell, one habit that makes him more productive is his mindset of how one can do more with less. He added that is very significant as it makes very great and superior people become more productive. He said that by manipulation of technology, he shares apps that make him productive with other people and he asks them to give them theirs that enhance their productivity. Michael recommended people to be good listeners and build their networks.


During the interview, he was asked about one book the he recommends the community to read and the reason he recommended it. Michal Burwell recommended a book going by the tittle “Soft Selling in a Hard World” written by Jerry Vass. His reason was that the book helps the reader comprehend the roots of a successful life. He added that his favorite quote says that there is only one place that you can find leadership and that is in the mirror.


Michael Burwell joined the global advisory, broking and solutions company the Willis Towers Watson, where he replaced Roger Millay after he voluntarily retired on October the second 2017. John Haley the Chief Executive Officer of the Willis Towers Watson commented on the announcement of the coming in of Michael and said that they were excited to have Michael Burwell joining the company’s leadership team at a very significant time of the company’s evolution. He added that Mr. Burwell has deep



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