Bernard Acoca

Bernard Acoca, the Zaxby’s CEO is a business person and entrepreneur who founded and became the CEO of Acoca Media, a company specializing in building media and social marketing campaigns. Acoca Media has offices in New York City, Paris, Dubai, and Hong Kong. Acoca Media has worked with global companies like Sephora, American Greetings, and IBM. The company is also working for an Irish foreign bank. Acoca Media produces TV shows about beauty and fashion, including the “Behind The Beauty” shows on L’Oréal and the “Velvet: It’s all in the Details” show on Sephora.

Bernard Acoca is a French-American entrepreneur. He was born in France to American parents. His father was a pilot, and his mother worked at the United Nations. At age 15, he moved to Los Angeles with his family, where he finished high school. After graduating, he went to college for one year but left for New York City to start his career as a runner on Wall Street. After a while, he became an international options trader at Lehman Brothers in the fixed-income division. He quit his job and started a business selling home computers. He soon realized that the home computer market was not as big as he thought and had no future, so he decided to change course and started a company called Acoca Media.

Bernard Acoca is Zaxby’s CEO. Zaxby’s is a fast-food chain based in Georgia, USA. He started the company with his two brothers, who are now Zaxby’s only heirs. Bernard Acoca said that he came to New York because he realized that there was a massive gap between fast food and fine dining. He has been featured in The Boston Globe, Stylist Magazine, and Esquire Magazine.

Acoca Media is a company that designs campaigns and products for marketing. This company is worth mentioning because of its innovative approach and ability to create new campaigns. Acoca Media manages campaigns with a modern twist and can make all its clients stand out. Always looking for new ways to bring its clients to the spotlight, Acoca Media strives to create products allowing its client base to reach more people.

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