B4X and Leonid Radvinsky: The Tech Visionary Embraces Open Source Programming

There’s a reason why Leonid Radvinsky embraces open source programming. As a technology visionary, Radvinsky understands the value of collaboration and how it can further the development and exploration of crucial ideas and concepts.

Helping a Veteran Find Direction

In late 2013, Brazilian entrepreneur Douglas Farias was looking for a new direction in life — as well as a new career — after leaving the army. He was intrigued by programming, so he started learning about it.

That interest led him to read a book about apps and making money from them. Soon, he was inspired to develop apps.

He found the process extremely difficult due to a lack of knowledge and training in programming. He found B4X and realized he’d found an easy way for beginning programmers like himself to create apps.

B4X’s Collaborative Nature Closed Learning Gaps

In addition to a lack of formal training, Farias struggled to find materials in his native Portuguese. Undeterred, he sought help and guidance from forums.

By 2014, he gained enough knowledge that he was able to develop a few apps. With the help of advertisements in the apps, he started earning a small amount of revenue.

A Fledgling Business Is Born

Because he was making up to $5 a day with the few apps he’d already developed, Farias decided to found a company and enlist in trusted people to help him create more apps. Today, he heads a company with revenues worth $1 million.

His team of seven has created more than 500 applications so far. They use B4X exclusively for both their apps and the web itself. The goal is for the company to continue focusing on serving customers and other companies that need apps and systems.