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Jon Urbana Is An Active Person

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Jon Urbana is a well-known name not just in Colorado, but also around the world. As a lacrosse player, he had a great professional and college player. When he stepped off the field as an active player, Urbana moved into the world of training. His Next Level Lacrosse Training Camp is the place where the stars of the tomorrow refine their skills. Jon Urbana is such a top trainer, people should take a closer look at the sports endeavors he is involved with. What ends up being supremely surprising to many are the various other interests that Jon Urbana is involved with.

Urbana is an avid Tumblr user, and he is a fan of photo art. Most blogs are loaded with long, detailed written entries. Urbana chooses to make his blog a nice venue for scores of photo art pieces. His Instagram and Product Hunt accounts also reveal a lot of amazing photographs. Interestingly, food-related art is popularly presented on his Vimeo channel time and time again. A number of these photos are visually stunning and worth admiring.

The social media accounts of Jon Urbana and his own website do a lot more than just discuss photography. Virtually any and all topics under the proverbial sun are fair game on the numerous sites. Twitter, in particular, is home to notices about the sciences, entertainment, sports, and more. The links are helpful and informative, and definitely worth following.

Sometimes, Urbana has to be followed into the wild blue yonder. He is a very accomplished pilot. Very few people in the world hold a pilot’s license, and fewer still maintain significant credentials. Jon Urbana is so credentialed, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) chose to acknowledge his high level of skills. The award given to him by the FAA was newsworthy enough, journalists covered its bestowing.

Urbana is also an extremely successful entrepreneur and manager. In addition to running a successful lacrosse camp, he has guided a laser technology business in a positive direction. Likely, he will be involved in scores of other business endeavors in the future. His LinkedIn profile is surely a good source to stay on top of the work he does.

See Urbana’s career lacrosse stats at Villanova.com.

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How Does Darius Fisher Increase Employee Morale At His Firm?

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Darius Fisher is the founder of Status Labs, and he works daily with people who have online reputation issues. Someone’s online reputation must be cared for carefully, and Darius helps his clients protect their reputations when he is put on the case. This article explains how Darius has created a satisfying work environment for his employees, aids his clients and has revolutionized the industry.

#1: There Is Satisfaction In Helping People

Darius Fisher takes great pride in helping people in need, and he teaches his employees to work with their clients on a personal basis. Every client gets the first name treatment from Status Labs, and the employees at Status Labs can feel the accomplishment that comes with helping a client. Clients have their reputations repaired, and Darius keeps turnover in his office low because of such high morale.

#2: Every Client Gets Top-Drawer Service

Every client that comes to Status Labs get top-drawer service that feels like it was performed with white gloves. The white glove service is offered by some of the finest retail establishments in the world, and Darius wants his clients to feel that same level of service. Darius has personally trained everyone on his staff, and he helps his clients receive a wonderful set of services that help repair an online image.

#3: Re-Branding Images

Status Labs often helps its customers re-brand their images using tested techniques. Every staff member at Status Labs helps clients make a positive impact online, and the positive image portrayed helps counteract any negative press that may have happened in the past. Companies that are improving their images online feel better about the service they get from Status Labs, and Status Labs works diligently to help every company or client have a clean image.

Status Labs produces a satisfying product that every client will appreciate once they receive service. Darius keeps turnover low in his offices using techniques that make the work worthwhile, and he treat all his people like necessary members of the team. Improving office morale helps improve the product that goes out the door every day at Status Labs.

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Mike Paul Now Working Together With Leading ORM Firm

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Status Labs never fails to impress. There are numerous reasons why the Austin, TX-based firm has done so well. Namely, reputation is everything. A harmed reputation has to be fixed or else a lot of problems could arise for a business or individual.

The Reputation Doctor, Mike Paul, knows this quite well. He was worked extensively with many clients to help them with their own personal crisis situations. Several of those clients are a who’s who of major global corporations. Yes, Mike Paul is really skilled at reputation management work, and he is bringing those skills to Status Labs.

Paul is partnering with Status Labs in a board advisory capacity. In a press release, Paul spoke very highly of Status Labs. He considers the firm one of the very best reputation management agencies in the industry. Paul knows what he is talking about. He is the person in charge of Reputation Doctor LLC, and Paul possesses 25 years of experience in this type of work. Status Labs president Darius Fisher has gone on record stating he is looking forward to the help and support Paul is bringing to Status Labs.

Status Labs’ primary function is to utilize digital marketing techniques to repair reputations that have been negatively effected. Executives, private citizens, celebrities, and more comprise the 1,500+ clients Status Labs has been able to help. The number of satisfied clients continues to grow. Clients can be found in 35+ countries.

Both Darius Fisher and Mike Paul understand businesses must safeguard their reputations or suffer financial consequences.

Recent studies indicate the online reputation of a business means everything to customers. In particular, those members of Generation Y who comprise a significant portion of digital consumers who get very standoffish when poor reviews arise online.

Any business dealing with any public information challenging its quality, commitments, and customer service is going to have a very tough time connecting with customers. Simply put, customers are going to be worried about patronizing any business with a subpar reputation.

So, taking direct steps to work on fixing a reputation that has been harmed must become a major priority. Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, always reiterates the point that troubled reputations do not end up being fixed on their own. Specific work has to be done to change harmed perceptions in the market. Working with Mike Paul further shows the commitment of Darius Fisher and Status Labs to getting this work done.


Shaygan Kheradpir Returns To The Technology Industry With Coriant

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The Coriant brand has made a large splash in the technology industry since the company was formed in 2013 through its innovative approach to expanding its customer base to include as many global industries as possible. Coriant was spun out of the technology development department of Siemens and has been developed further under the Coriant leadership of CEO Pat DiPietro. However, the leadership of DiPietro was always designed to be a short term option for Coriant before he was to return to the parent company of Marlin Equity Partners. Coriant has now turned to experienced technology executive Shaygan Kheradpir to take on the leadership role of DiPietro, and push forward the Coriant brand to new levels of success.

Shaygan Kheradpir has been involved in the technology industry for more than 30 years and will bring this wealth of experience to developing the Coriant brand into the future. Coriant will benefit from the experience Shaygan Kheradpir has in developing new technologies and in improving profits for the many different industries he has worked in.

Just like every step Shaygan Kheradpir has taken in his career he has not entered the Coriant company without first taking on a large level of research into the company. Early in 2015 Kheradpir began working with Marlin Equity Partners and Pat DiPietro to conduct a review of the company before taking over as CEO; this review has given Kheradpir a good understanding of the company and should allow him the opportunity to develop new technologies as he did with GTE Labs and Verizon.

Coriant has been growing at a fast pace to now employ more than 3,000 people and provide networking services for companies in more than 100 countries. Shaygan Kheradpir has been tasked with increasing the level of profits available to Coriant and making sure the development of new technologies is completed at the highest level. Coriant will continue its work challenging the status quo of the traditional leaders in the technology industry with new products and services delivered by Shaygan Kheradpir.

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The Best Plastic Surgeon in Texas

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When Texas does something, it does it right. It’s home to some of the best views, best food, best music, best cities, and even best doctors in the country. It’s also home to one of the nation’s top plastic surgeons, Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Dr. Walden studied medicine in New York, found success practicing plastic surgery there, and decided that she should bring her skills to her home, Austin. She didn’t move back home because she thought it could bring in more money, or because she thought it could make her more famous, but because she wanted her children to grow up in the same family-filled environment that she had grown up in. Choosing Austin for the sake of her family live did nothing to hurt her professional standing, and her current practice in the city is still growing and finding significant success. Her practice is a major asset for the city that helps people to improve their lives and helps bring people into the city itself at the same time.

It’s only natural that someone with Dr. Walden’s lofty list of qualifications would build a success practice wherever she went. She sits on the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery, an organization that dedicates itself to the advancement of cosmetic surgery that offers programs ranging from professional services to public advocacy and education. She has won a variety of awards for her work, including being declared one of the best beauty surgeons in Texas by Harper’s Bazaar.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is not only one of the best plastic surgeons in Texas, she is also one of the best examples for young women who hope to pursue challenging careers in medicine and business. She is living proof that they can combine a successful career with a thriving family life if they are willing to put in enough hard work to achieve their goals.


Charles Koch and the American Society Criminal Justice System

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The American society criminal justice system is in need of major reforms to make it more efficient. The current two tier “broken” system is characterized by inequality where the wealthy and connected are accorded preferential treatment over the poor. The poor are thus condemned into poverty, despair and incarceration. Innocent people are compelled to plead guilty of crimes they did not actually commit. This is both against the constitutional mandate, wasteful and at the worst morally unfit.

Charles Koch, a classical liberal proponent of the long overdue reforms has been passionately pushing for the overhaul of the criminal justice system. The philanthropic leader, notable for his significant contribution towards solutions to social problems, emerged among the top 50 American givers in 2008. In his grant giving Charles Koch Foundation initiative, the organization aims at advancing the understanding of the way free societies improve the well-being of people around the world. His lifelong focus is helping least advantaged people improve their lives and do away with opportunity barriers.
A number of factors have intensified the deteriorating state of criminal justice system. One of this is the shift in power balance from judges to prosecutors making them have some undue control of the grand jury process. Judges seemingly make determinations basing around “soft on crime” and “tough on crime” labels instead of facts of the crime the individual. Thirdly, individual’s reentry to the society upon serving their sentences is punitive hampering their ability to swiftly re-integrate to the society. To solve for the problems, the criminal justice system, needs t be downsized, reorient justice to be squarely around facts of the case and the individual at the center of the case.
Charles Koch’s view on criminal justice reform clings on limited government and expansive individual liberty. This is consistent with the larger Koch’s push for less government’s intrusion into people’s lives. For Charles Koch, the focus on criminal justice reform is nothing to do with their own interests but rather to end the two tier system that has continued to adversely affect the least advantaged. Koch is at a vantage position to fend for itself but is aware that there are many poor people who are unable to afford it.
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Keith Mann Shows Support To The NYPD By Sending Them Lunch

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Keith Mann is an entrepreneur and he is the director of Dynamics Search Partners. He is a known philanthropist and continues to support the NYPD.

Keith Man Supports Police
About a year ago, Keith Mann came out and showed support for the New York Police Department in NYC. This was in response protests surrounding police force. Keith and his wife provided a boost to police moral by sending the 54th Street precinct lunch.

Keith actually has police ties, because his wife’s uncle works as a detective in Staten Island. The businessman explained that the protests against the police hit close to home, so he decided to send them some lunch, not just once, but a month afterwards he sent lunch again.

Keith explained that he wanted to thank officers for their service and they shouldn’t be attacked because they attempt to keep people safe.

Mann added that policemen and policewomen are just regular people like he and everyone else, and they have families to go home to. He also believes that citizens should support police officers, who are trained to react to situations that citizens normally don’t encounter, instead of standing in the way of their jobs.

About Keith Mann
As previously mentioned, Mann is an entrepreneur and he is based in New York. He has worked in the executive search in industry for more than 15 years and he is an expert in staffing and hiring strategy. Currently, his company Dynamics Search Partners works with firms in the alternative investment industry in Asia, the USA and Europe. The company is an executive search firm.

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Handy Revolutionizes The Household Cleaning Industry

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Few companies have ever hit the market that are beneficial to both consumers and job seekers as Handy, an app for customers looking for household cleaning services in their local area. Usually finding a household cleaning company entails doing a detailed search to find the most trusted and affordable company in a local area, but Handy saves customers both time and money by instantly connecting them to cleaning professionals and scheduling cleanings as soon as the next day. Customers can simply download the Handy app, follow a few quick easy steps to schedule a cleaning time, and pay for the service quickly and securely with no hidden fees.

It’s also great for service professionals looking to get into the cleaning business. Handy requires on-the-job experience for all applicants and carefully screens them so that customers are connected with fully qualified individuals. Though handy does select the serviceman for the jobs, the servicemen are essentially independent contractors who then get to set their own hours and essentially work for as much or as little as they want. Some have been fortunate enough to make as much as $1000 in a week, but most of the professionals work about 10 hours a week or less and usually do not use Handy as a full-time source of income.

Handy was started in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan, a young real estate developer who was having difficulty finding good cleaning professionals when he was out buying living spaces that needed renovating. So he and his friend Umang Dua started up Handy as a way of bringing customers and service professionals together under one roof. Handy has received funding through Highland Capital Partners and General Catalyst Partners among others, reported to be around $50 million. While handy has had some uphill battles they’ve had to deal with during the last few years, the company feels they are starting to make their business model viable for the long term.

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Avi Weisfogel, The Hero Of Operation Smile.

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If you carefully follow the field of dental care, or you have had a dental problem and even sleep care, then you have heard of Dr. Avi Weisfogel. He is the founder and owner of the New Jersey-based Dental Sleep Masters. He is also the founder of Old Bridge Dental Care, which he started in 1999. Here he exercised his dental practice for over 15 years and received numerous recognition awards from the community such as Best Dentist for many years. He is also known for his contribution to sleep treatment and sleep disorders. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has conducted extensive research in the field of sleep especially remedies of sleep related disorders. He cofounded Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010. This is a worldwide company that works with hospitals and physicians to create sleep labs for patients with sleep disorders.

Later in 2012, he founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient, where he gives lectures on management sleep patients to dentists. In 2014, when he founded Dental Sleep Masters he was aiming at passing his knowledge on how to treat sleep disorders using oral appliances. Dr. Weisfogel is also very scholarly. He has a BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University together with a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. This are rare academic qualifications to be achieved by one person.

Apart from having a successful career, Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s also has a philanthropic heart. He always looks forward to changing to better the lives of patients he encounters. Due to this fact, he started the GoFundMe campaign aimed towards supporting Operation Smile. He cleverly combines his attributes in dentistry and humanity for a noble course. The funds he raises through the GoFundMe campaign are fully donated to Operation Smiles. He aims to raise more than $2000 for doctors worldwide to help change lives of the needy.

Operation Smiles was started to give surgical help to children who could no afford the cost of surgery all over the world. Through this program, millions of children all over the world have been helped to get surgical services. These children have been helped with problems associated with their cleft lip, cleft palate, and other related facial deformities have been fixed. On top of surgical procedure, other services like after care, research on cleft lip and palate cause, training and education are offered by the organization. It also goes further to fight for children’s rights to access medical care.

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How Is Oil Giving Investors Hope In 2016?

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The 2015 fiscal year was a year of slow slides to the bottom of a very deep barrel. Investors were forced to spend their time watching oil prices fall lower and lower, and the rest of the markets took a fall with the price of oil. There are several different ways that the markets may rebound, but most industry experts like Jim Dondero think that oil will provide all the relief that is needed. This article explains how investors like Jim will wait for the oil prices to rally.

#1: Oil Prices Must Rise At Some Point

There are many reasons why oil prices will rise again, and investors like Jim believe that oil has to rise simply because of basic math. The OPEC nations may choose to back off production or the prices may begin to rise as investors feel more confident about oil on the whole. It is possible that investors will begin to feel confident again, but a wise investor like Mr. Dondero will wait for the market to show him something that is worth believing in.

#2: Oil Impacts Everything

Oil prices have an impact on every market in the world. Highland Capital Management is run by Jim and his team, and their portfolio has felt the pain of low oil prices throughout the world. Only a small amount of what HCM invests is invested in America, and every part of their portfolio is waiting for oil prices to rise. Even the richest men in the world must wait for oil prices to rise before they may make bold moves again.

#3: What Is A Rally?

Investors are waiting for a rally to occur that will help oil prices jump. Oil prices may take decades to reach their previous highs, but a rally would constitute even a few days of good trading that will help the price remain slightly higher. There are several different ways that a rally could occur, but investors must feel confident for more than one day to help prices rise.

Every investor in the world is waiting for oil prices to rise, and investors like Jim Dondero believe the markets will recover. Oil cannot get much lower, and patience will be rewarded among investors who believe that the price of oil can be forced up by producers, will rise during a major rally or will rise as confidence returns to the markets. Follow Jim on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the market.

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