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Mark Sparks Changes Office to Further Inventive Cooperation

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After spending 14 years in the former location, Marc Sparks from Timber Creek Capital, LP has finally moved to another setting. The move was necessitated by the need to find a better location to optimize collaboration and conducive for startup incubation. Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur and proprietor of the private equity firm and serves entrepreneurs in the development of new business to start generating revenue.

Ingredients to Build a Successful Business Model

As an individual looks to start a business, the whole process should start with the building of a business model and getting the resources necessary for success. Marc explains that the design he had used at Timber Creek Capital, LP the firm was able to host three different corporations in the facility and provide a far-reaching incubation period. Marc added that as a student of understanding what it takes to succeed in the world and serial entrepreneur, he saw the essence of a good work environment.

He concluded that a collaborative, conducive and quality work environment accounts for about 25% of all the necessary ingredients for success. An entrepreneur should not cut corners when finding a work location as the final choice could spell the difference between failure and success.

The Special Flow that exists in an Office

After starting a number of successful companies, Marc has found that there is indeed a special flow that exists within the office that is necessary for maximizing output and collaboration. He shares his story in the book, They Can’t Eat You, where he outlines a number of failures, successes and entrepreneurship realities.

His company takes on several companies and offers mentorship and accessing resources e.g. marketing, banking, office space, capital etc. he helps turn business ideas into successful ventures as his firm has seen all levels of success and failure in the entrepreneurship journey. He likes to mentor on ‘spark speed’ which stands for qualities that helped him succeed. These are faith, tenacity, passion, focus, monetization savvy and an extreme sense of urgency.

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is the owner, founder and CEO of Timber Creek. He is also described as a philanthropist, serial entrepreneur and an author. He wrote “They Can’t Eat You” to detail his path to success in order to assist others in their journey to success. He has worked with Habitat for Humanity as part of his philanthropy by constructing affordable houses for families.

He has donated a thousand laptop computers through Sparkey’s Kids, a non-profit, through American Can! Academy to at-risk kids. Sparks has also been involved with The Samaritan Inn from the late 80’s. It is a Texas-based homeless shelter that hosts about 160 needy people every night. He is a venture capitalist as he offers startup businesses that seem destined for success with money. Although it seems highly speculative, he has been successful with it.


Bruce Levenson Comes Out To Sue AIG Insurance Company

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Not too long ago, Bruce Levenson, the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks and director of the AHBE or Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, started up a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company due to a breach of contract. Former general manager, Danny Ferry, made claims on his termination. The current owner for the Atlanta Hawks, Tony Ressler, has stated on ESPN News that he will not partake and is not included in the lawsuit.

According to AHBE and Levenson’s team, the incident that involved Danny Ferry’s termination was in fact covered by New Hampshire Insurance Company’s policies. In essence, the problems that are being brought up are employment issues surrounding wrongful termination and workplace torts. It was Ferry that originally brought up the issue because he notified AIG in early 2015, but they only stayed that the incident was not covered under their policy and left it alone.

It was in the summer of 2015 that Tony Ressler and his group came to an agreement for buying out the Atlanta Hawks from the AHBE, ending the 6 year contract that began in 2012. Ressler’s group also responded on the current situation regarded the ABHE and their lawsuit with the insurance company, stating that they are in no way involved and will not be in the future. Currently, the money for the claim has not been disclosed, but is still focused on the insurance company’s failure to cover settlement losses, which has also been increased by 50 percent by AHBE to cover costs of legal fees. In AIG’s case, they have stated they refuse to pay any amount unless their is a very good case to support it. Information above can be sourced from brucelevenson.com.

Women in Business

Doe Deere And Lime Crime Equal Bold, Beautiful And Beyond Traditional

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It might appear almost impossible to sell lipstick online, rather than seeing the shade complexities in person, but Doe Deere’s Lime Crime e-commerce store does it successfully. Online shopping has become the wave of the future, and Doe Deere’s makeup brand has built an incredible name and global following.


In an interview with IdeaMensch, the gorgeous and glam CEO and founder of Lime Crime is on a mission to have both young women and young men define beauty in their own way, uniquely theirs. She knows that makeup not only covers our imperfections but also enhances our features and actually, allows for bold experimentation and empowerment. Her makeup isn’t boring beige with an occasional pop of red. Lime Crime is deep, sometimes dark, naughty, wild and colors beyond what you might imagine. Mushroom colored lips are sexy and so are blue lips, green and lavender.


Hot colors with makeup texture are the inspirational, breaking all the rules kind of makeup she creates. Eye shadows with sparkle like Lime Crime’s new Diamond Crushers are a trendy look that fans can’t get enough of. Doe Deere likes to try out all the cosmetics she designs and develops, because she is the original fan. She was born in Russia as a child with immense creativity, a love of bold colors and a fantastical imagination. Her makeup is playful, and her fan base understands Doe Deere’s creative edge and appeal.


Doe Deere likes her makeup, fashion and hair color to all be bold and glam. Sometimes her tresses are blue or pink and lately, she’s been a lavender beauty. Cosmetics are playful for Doe Deere, and she and her fans inspire each other. On social media, Lime Crime is a huge hit. Just on Instagram alone, Lime Crime boasts more than 2.4 million followers and counting. Makeup addicts love sending portfolio shots to Lime Crime Instagram, draped in colorful Lime Crime makeup and showing others exactly how the shades work with each other on various skin types and skin tones.


In addition, Doe Deere is starting to reap the rewards of a hard work ethic, unique product and brand building and as a young businesswoman role model to others. She was recently on the cover of Self-Made magazine with business icons Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman. They all made the list of Self-Made’s “Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.” Now, that’s pretty impressive.


Moble Phone Service

Freedompop Review Says You Can “Top Up” Data With FreedomPop

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Cellular phone service has been through many changes since creation. It began with the large bag phones. Individuals carried the large black purse bags with the phone everywhere they went. The handset was the size of a shoe attached by a curly cord. The cell phone dial pad was in the handset. The cost for using this bag phone was not cheap. Every time the cell phones were updated, the cell services added higher charges. Before long, most cell phone carriers had phone bills of $100 or more just to make calls for a month. This price was outrageous.


The PT money Freedom pop article review is saying practically the same thing. The writer vowed not to pay this high cost but ended up eating their words. We all say we will never do something that we end up doing. Cell phone service bundles began to make changes in the way we paid for service. Phone companies began to bundle things like the internet, phone, and television together. The cost was still high. Eventually, cell phone services began to separate themselves. Consumers began searching for cheaper ways to have cell phone service.


Along came Freedom pop and the free cell phone service that provides 200 voice minutes for free. The only thing a customer would need to do was to buy a phone that was already hooked up with Freedom Pop. The choices in phones are remarkable. There are Apple phones, Blackberry phones, I-phones, and inexpensive LG type phones to choose from. The phones are not expensive.


Along with phone service, PT Money Article tells that Freedom Pop provides data and a hotspot for use. The amount of data may not be enough for most people that like to surf the web, facebook, and works online. Freedom pop offers an unlimited plan for under twenty dollars. In the unlimited plan, the customer gets unlimited call hours, unlimited texts, and over 500 MB data. You can purchase more data or have an “automatic top up” set on your phone in case you need more data. You have the choice, you enable or disable the top up button on the phone.


Check out the Freedompop Review for all the information on the unlimited cell phone service that is cheap. Check out how most customers get the phone service 100% free of charge. The free service gives customers great Sprint coverage with 4G capability. Freedom offers the cheapest internet phone service ever.

Learn more: https://www.cnet.com/news/free-phone-service-freedompop-unveils-20-dollar-unlimited-plan/

Home Cleaners

Handy, Cleaning for All

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There are a lot of cleaning companies in your area. You probably aren’t sure what one is going to be the best for you. Why not try Handy and get a great deal and great company.

What is Handy?

Handy is an app that helps cleaning companies connect with customers that need their service. They offer a rating system and information about each company. That is why they are so good to look at before you choose a cleaner.

Why Handy?

Again, Handy.com provides a great app to help customers to connect with cleaning professionals. This is helpful for those that are looking to work and also those that need to the work. You can rate your experience and you can see what others have to day. Which is great to help you find someone that will work not just for your budget, but for your cleaning needs.

When you are looking into what company is going to be a great fit for you, Handy is the tool you need. You only need to look on your mobile phone or tablet to find a cleaner that will be a great match for you and your home. If you are looking for someone that can be part time, this is also a great app. The company can tell you when they are coming and communicate what they do and how often they can come to work on your home. Take your time, but get on Handy and find the perfect person for your job.


Internet Search Tips

Reputation Management Service If Beneficial For Your Business

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Do you have any idea what is being distributed about your online? Do you know what your potential customers see when they look up your name or your company’s name online? It is imperative that you take control of your online reputation in order to operate efficiently and successfully.

Online reputation management is a very important aspect of running a profitable business, and any company that doesn’t realize that will certainly have a difficult item achieving success.

People go online to search for information on every topic imaginable. They research companies and products before making a buying decision. If your company has a positive reputation, potential customer will have confidence in dealing with you. If your reputation or your company’s reputation is bad, then you will definitely lose customers and sales, and your revenue will diminish.

There is a considerable amount of user-generated content which should not be taken for granted. One negative review can snowball, eventually leading to customers shunning your venture altogether. Keep in mind that social media has given a lot of power in the hands of the users which can jeopardize an entire business organization in a matter of minutes. So, reputation management should be a high priority for any company or entrepreneur.

It is essential to understand why a damaging comment or rating is uploaded on any digital page. Try to find out if the purchaser actually had a bad experience with your product, if it has been posted out of ill will, or if they have a wrong impression of things which caused a bad experience.

When you see a negative review about your company or service, there are certain things you should never ever do. A seasoned reputation management professional can advise you on how to handle various circumstances that you face.

Companies should never try to respond with hostility. One negative statement from a consumer should not encourage the same aggression from you. The more you try to fight them, the more things become worse. In such scenarios, public tends to back the customer and go against the business. It is absolutely harder to deal with an angry mob than one outraged person.


Business Leader

Keith Mann Raises Money for less fortunate kids

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Keith Mann working with Dynamics Search Partners created a reputable charity event surrounding Uncommon Schools. With the help of the surrounding community, Mann and Dynamics Search Partners were able to raise $20,000 in funds.


All of the funds that were raised are going to help the less fortunate schools better students lives. Mann sponsored all of the students tests for the 2014-2015 school year. Uncommon Schools was created to help the less fortunate student make it to college and graduate with as little, if any, debt at all. Keith Mann has been advocating for more opportunities to go to college.


The program will help open more schools in Brooklyn, New York. Many schools across the United States share a form of common testing. That includes the SAT, PSAT, and AP Testing depending on where you are locating in America. Dynamics Search Partners has helped students get all the resources they need to successfully test.


The company first started working in New York back in 2013. Beyond testing it is very important that students learn good problem solving skills that will not only help them succeed in college, but in the workforce as well. Commitment to academic excellence at the high school level continues to coach more and more students every year.


Keith Mann has been able to tour all of the schools partnered with Uncommon Schools. The first-hand experience is what really drives Mann to push for greater help. Noticing the reactions on this students faces when they start succeeding is incredible. Students love learning more about their interests and which career path they want to take.


Keith Mann has worked in the executive search industry for just over 10 years now has acquired a ton of knowledge in hedge managing funds, staffing and hiring strategy. Before working with Uncommon schools, he managed the marketing team at Dynamics Executive Search. Mann worked with finances on a global scale. He created the Alternative Investment Practice. After four years the practice turned into private equity industry. Now he is currently in charge of Dynamics Search Partners overseeing all of the daily operations.

Women in Business

Giving Ladies Make-Up Some Captivating but Unconventional Touches: The Doe Deere Style

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Variety is said to be the spice of life. However, there are a good number of ladies that feel at home with simple, natural and conventional make-up styles. These females frown at people turning heads for a second look whenever they pass by. Perhaps their way of life is borne out of a modest spirit or simply a product of hidden fears. One may not be able to tell which of the two is responsible but one thing is obvious, the cause can only go either way.

Good enough, there is also the other set of ladies with little to no flair for modesty particularly when it comes to choosing make-up styles. They are not afraid to step on the toes of judgmental people. To them, there is no better way to enjoy life than having the liberty to do things the way you like including your make-up and hair styles. Even though they respect others yet they never allow anyone force a fashion style on them. One of such ladies currently making ways in the world of fashion and make-up is Doe Deere.

Here is a woman with a large heart, unapologetic in her use of bright colors for ladies make-up and hair-do. She is the founder of Lime Crime, an international branded company that is changing the face of beauty by helping ladies express themselves unapologetically through its collection of products and services that add color and sparkle to facial look and special occasions. Deere is fearless in the use of bright colors for ladies makeup. She has been able to win the hearts of millions of ladies all over the world, but what makes this lady thick and successful, something to learn from?

Deere has a fantastic fashion back-ground. She is a product of FIT in New York where she majored in fashion design. According to her, fashion goes hand-in-hand with the way people do their hair and what they put on their faces.

She is a sort of a freedom fighter. Her brand, Lime Crime, was created to emancipate women to a world of make-up and hair-do unimaginable before now. She encourage woman to express themselves not minding what anyone says. Many who you think will kick at your style may do the reverse as they are only looking for a pioneer so they can follow suit. Lime Crime simply stand for make-up with no fear of judgment.

Deere believes everything bores down to inspiration. To her, inspiration is 99% of success. She does not mind waiting for days, weeks and sometimes months for inspiration in a particular direction before taking swift and decisive steps. She always tries her new products on herself before they go to production. That way, she is sure of their authenticity and reliability for the good image of the company and satisfaction of the customers.

Now is the time to try different colors and styles of make-up that best express your moods and personality. Lime Crime is ready to spoil you with varieties, just keep up with Doe Deere.

Fashion Business

The Millennial’s Lip Balm

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Lip balm doesn’t seem like the sort of thing you’d expect millennials to make much of an impact. There are plenty of examples of millennials changing the way entertainment and business is done in this country but something as simple as lip balm seems odd. Nevertheless millennials are changing the lip balm market with the brand Evolution Of Smooth. Thanks to young adults EOS is now the second most popular brand of lip balm in America. The growth of EOS is so great it is actually driving the over all growth of lip balm sales in general.

The appeal of Evolution Of Smooth isn’t surprising when you look at the fine details. EOS lip balm is highly conscious of environmental issues and trends. All ingredients used are natural reflecting millennials concerns about the use of synthetic ingredients. The company maintains a strong social media presence with Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat accounts to help spread awareness of the brand. Evolution of Smooth has even called upon celebrities to bring even greater awareness of the brand. Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have both put this lip balm on their lips to give the brand some star power.

The future of EOS is looking up. The company has an almost entirely automated production pipeline and seeks out new business ventures constantly. There is now an Evolution of Smooth shaving cream on store shelves and online merchants including eBay and Ulta, new flavors of lip balm in are also production. With this level of ambition Evolution of Smooth might just evolve into something greater. To learn more, visit https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.




Online Reputation Management

Bury Bad Articles With Good Articles

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One thing that people have to understand is that it is very important to manage one’s own reputation. One thing to realize is that there is always going to be someone that is going to have something bad to say about someone else. This is especially true of people that are well known and famous. As one person meets more people, he will be more likely to have something bad said about him. This could be true. However, the bad things that are said could be false. Either way, it is important that one has a plan for taking care of the bad articles.

Fortunately, there are ways to recover from bad articles released on search engines. The client can have articles released about him that provide good news. As a result of good articles, people will begin to forget about the bad press and see the good side of the client. Therefore, they will be more inclined to visit him for his services. This will also allow them to experience the services of the client for themselves. Even the people that remember the bad press might be inclined to accept that he may have learned his lesson or that the article was false.

One company that offers reputation management services is called Bury Bad Articles. They have gained a lot of popularity in the online reputation management industry. As the name suggests, they provide optimized content on their clients in order to get rid of the search results. They look at all of the keywords that are associated with the client and provide content that is optimized to rank highly on the search results. As a result, the other articles will be knocked off of the front page of the search results. Then people will find good news when they search a client’s name.