André Des Rochers, a Founding Partner of Granderson Des Rochers

André Des Rochers, a Founding Partner of Granderson Des Rochers, was an established attorney with an ambitious career in law for over 30 years. He had participated personally and through his law firm in numerous significant cases that helped shape the legal landscape of our state. But as he got near his retirement, something kept nagging at him. 


He realized that whatever potential wins he had in the coming years would be overshadowed by the number of victories he would miss out on due to a paltry retirement income package. As André Des Rochers recalls, not because he couldn’t handle stretching his savings or waiting for the market to comply with his demands, but because there would be simply too many cases to handle even if they were not at all burdensome financially. 


He knew, then, that his only chance of securing a financial legacy was through the creation of a trust. In addition, the entertainment lawyer has been a supporter and participant in Granderson Des Rochers since its inception in 2008. He is an avid reader of our e-newsletter and was motivated to become a part of our firm when it appeared we might be able to provide him with the ultimate gift to secure his retirement. 


This is a healthy income stream that would allow him to continue practicing law until he is no longer able to do so. Though his involvement with Granderson Des Rochers is relatively new, André Des Rochers has already been instrumental in securing significant settlements for our firm (Instagram).


Born to a legal family on the West Coast, Mr. Des Rochers was raised in the highly intellectual atmosphere of pre-Columbian academia. He graduated from Harvard University with an honors degree in Political Science, and then attended Stanford Law School where he earned a J.D. degree in 1983. After practicing law for only six months before deciding that corporate law was more to his liking and that he would like to incorporate a business of some kind, André Des Roches is now a Top Rising Star by Super Lawyers.