About Academy of Art University

UX/UI Design and Interaction at Academy of Art University has undergone a name change. The School of Web Design & New Media was the department’s previous name. The name change, according to co-directors Andrea Pimentel and Fred McHale, does not indicate a change in the program’s content. They describe the department’s expansion during the past 14 years as well.

Academy of Art University has an art school which is open to the public in addition to an exclusive private art collection. The school’s exhibitions hang in the Hyatt Regency, located on Market Street. This hotel boasts a grand ballroom that is home to one of Academy’s most prized possessions, a five-panel series by renowned artist Paul Klee.

The San Francisco Police Foundation recently held a reception at the Hyatt Regency where Academy was able to show off work from its open-to-public gallery and private collection. The event featured four artists who have shown at the Hyatt since the art program began. This was a great opportunity for Academy of Art University to show off to the public what it has to offer in terms of art education. Learn more and watch on Youtube for more info.

UI/UX Design

The goal of user experience is to improve the user’s experience through design. Users should not only be able to perform what they are doing, but also enjoy it. To do that, one has to go through a number of design stages, from employing design thinking to comprehending the users of the product in real life.

Software usability, usability, and intuitiveness are the primary goals of UI/UX. In order to create products for their potential customers, designers consider what problems they can resolve for them. Making something customized for our customers will be the goal rather than simply creating a product and hoping that people will utilize it.

Instead of just understanding how to program them, designers are required to use digital tools strategically. In the previous few decades, there has been a significant shift in what is expected of designers.