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“Papa John’s CEO Just Apologized To Customers

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Steve Ritchie, the CEO of Papa John’s, is anything but a good and positive influence towards this company and brand. After the company was caught is bad scenario a few months ago, Steve Ritchie took upon himself to apologize directly to his customers. He showed true leadership when he took the initiative to directly appeal to customers after the racial slur threatened to tear the company apart. Papa John’s like other Major companies in the United States who offers services to numerous customers are often affected by sensitive issues that touch on the society, and Papa John’s was no exception. Steve Ritchie understands this and that why he took a very wise decision to apologize to customers before things got out of hand.

This time, Steve Ritchie showed empathy, to some extent some vulnerability, but offered a sincere and direct apology. Steve further pointed out the kind of behavior which led to this regretful event would not be tolerated on any employee working at Papa John’s.

Mr. Ritchie also employed quite some wise distancing. Clearly, Steve pointed out that the employee views were not directly his, and that Papa John’s company is bigger than one individual (even its own founder) and everyone should understand that the company consist of 120,000 people , and not a business of one individual.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns then went ahead to remind the readers that the company members of staff were all staples in their respective communities and are hardworking people who respect others. He pinpointed some specific actions they would be taking so that they can address inclusion and diversity and he promised that he would be personally spearheading the effort. Steve showed accountability and went ahead to say that he would be held accountable.

Steve has also strengthened policies within the company that have shown he meant what he said and that such incidences would never be witnessed again. His apology has been well received by the clients and other business partners, and things have resumed to normal, and the company has regained its status that has taken years to build. Other members of staff at Papa John’s were supportive of their CEO, and everyone is happy. Read about Ritchie’s open letter here.

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