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Video Recap of Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum: On Knee Surgeries

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a notable orthopaedic surgeon with loads of experience in orthopaedics. Dr. Kirschenbaum has also shown that he is savvy with the business part of orthopaedics. Along with these aspects, Dr. Kirshenbaum has also shown a remarkable skill for the non-profit aspects of the job, such as operations leadership, information technology, innovative designing techniques, and re-engineering. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has also shown skill in development and execution of different strategies, creation and interpretation of complex ideas, concepts, and information, as well as persuading key stakeholders and stockholders in terms of sales, education and advising.

In this video, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum describes a new, possibly career-defining surgery that he has developed. At the beginning of the video, patient with knee pain says that he underwent this procedure successfully The central idea of this procedure is that the knee can be split into three separate cavities. Dr. Kirschenbaum believes that one can replace a single one of these compartments in a process known as “knee resurfacing.” Instead of replacing the entirety of the knee, the surgeon would locate the inflamed or affected area of the knee that is giving the patient the described pain, and operate on that singular area instead of the entire knee.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has shown great confidence and pride in his procedure, and it very well could change the way that orthopaedics treat knee injuries. Innumerable people in the world suffer from varying degrees of knee pain, either due to work or sports-related injuries, or simple arthritis or inflammation. Though the pain can be unbearable, the idea of total knee replacement is intimidating to most, as is the recovery period. With Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum new techniques, this recovery time can be reduced considerably as a less traumatic surgery is performed, with the results still being successful, and possibly more so.


Why More Parents Trust Hyland’s Teething Tablets

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If your baby is teething right now, you know how difficult it can be to get them to go to sleep at night or to handle the discomfort and pain that they are experiencing. In order to do this without resorting to harsh chemicals or products, Hyland’s has created all-natural homeopathic teething tablets that can be used on babies as young as one to two months of age. Because most infants being to teethe around four to six months of age, you’ll find that these products work well and are an ideal option for your baby’s healthcare needs.


Hyland’s has been around for over a century and was launched in 1903 by a team of homeopathic experts and scientists. They believed that there needed to be more products on the market that used herbs and other natural ingredients to be just as effective as something that would be prescribed by a doctor. Over a century later and people still swear by the Hyland’s brand. In fact, Hyland’s is one of the only homeopathic brands commercially produced and they can be found in virtually any store that sells medications, supplements and vitamins.


Hyland’s teething tablets dissolve instantly on the tongue and pose no choking hazard for small children. The teething tablets are made with ingredients like chamomile and coffee extract to provide your child with the pain relief and comfort that they want and need to avoid fussiness. If you want to learn more about Hyland’s and the brand, you can visit their site and see what other products they produce as well as their history and story. The brand is a wonderful choice for parents who want to take a more natural approach to their baby’s health and wellness while still using products.


Aloha Construction: Trained and Certified Professionals

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Since 2008, Aloha Construction has been providing construction services to areas in southern Wisconsin and the state of Illinois. A few of their services are roofing, siding and gutter installation or repairs.

When it comes to roofing, Aloha Construction will begin the process with a nine-step inspection. These steps will identify how much life is left in the roofing material and determine the overall health of the structure. Nine steps may seem extreme, but many parts of the roof need to be examined, such as the flashing, shingles, caps, and edges. If repairs are necessary, the team will work with homeowners in selecting long-lasting high-grade materials.

Another unique feature that Aloha construction offers is the ability for the homeowner to finance a project with the help of Aloha’s financing partner Synchronicity. Synchronicity is one of America’s largest lenders. The company helps homeowners fund construction projects not covered by insurances.

The Aloha crew takes siding seriously. The entire team is trained and certified in vinyl siding. This type of siding is recommended because it is easy to maintain, repair, and replace when needed. Aloha is not limited to vinyl siding though. Other types of siding their professionals can install are Hardi siding, traditional wood, or stucco.

Once you have the roof and siding tackled, you will want to protect your investment with gutters. Gutters help direct water away from the building. Aloha’s contractors can repair runs or install new gutters.

Aloha Construction, located in Lake Zurich, prepares their professionals to be ready to help any homeowner tackle replacement or reconstruction from top to bottom, and they will help you find a way to finance your projects with their partners.

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Stream Energy Happy to Expend Philanthropic Deeds Toward Texas’ Needy Residents

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When hurricane Harvey hit Houston, many Americans died while others were left homeless. Unfortunately, the corporate society, however, remained blind to this situation.

Stream Energy, a direct energy sales company in Dallas, used its energy-sales proceeds to finance the recovery and alleviate the financial burden from its Houston clients. The company launched Stream Care foundation to formally engage in charitable deeds across Texas.

Stream highly regards corporate social responsibility, its involvement in the Houston restoration project is a demonstration how companies across Texas leverage philanthropic deeds to bolster their brand visibility by providing more than just financial assistance.

Having a philanthropic division is a new approach that companies have adopted. It’s a highly publicized phenomenon but has its advantages. Stream helps the community in times of distress while earning the loyalty and good public image from clients. To a C-level manager, it offers the company an upper hand when scandals arise, profits plummet and challenging lead off times.

It Takes Combined Effort to Succeed

In its efforts to aid the less fortunate, Stream Energy joined efforts with Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Collectively, the trio has dedicated staff and executive who oversee philanthropic activities on the grassroots level.

One major concern for Stream Energy is homelessness in Dallas. The firm and its employees track the number of homeless Dallas residents and the current 24% surge in homelessness is a huge reason to give back.

Hope Supply, a Dallas-based company, is Stream’s passion project. This partnership covered entrance and meal expenses for over 1000 homeless kids in North Texas in the yearly Splash for Hope event.

The occasion brings together destitute children to a local park where Stream Energy’s staffs and executives share happy times with the children. The company also gives financial assistance and extra supplies. Occasionally, Hope Supply Co. gives out diapers, stationery, and clothing to this charitable course.

Stream’s Partners Delighted to Meet those they Serve

An associate of Stream Energy, Operation Once in a Lifetime, was happy to give moral and financial support to Dallas veterans and their families, donating transportation to a December special treat at a reputable Texas.