Neurocore Compares Brain Training to Muscle Memory

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Experts at Neurocore have a ton of insights when it comes to mental treatments. One expert has talked about the concept of muscle memory. One thing that he points out is when people first train, the activities and exercises may feel uncomfortable to them at first. As a matter of fact, it can get so uncomfortable to them that they may even look awkward at it in the beginning. The trick is to get the body used to the exercise so that when it comes time to do the exercises again, the body will be able to do it because of muscle memory. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Another thing that an expert of Neurocore has talked about is getting into the zone. For instance, many sports players have a ritual that they do that gets them into the zone. For instance, a basketball player may bounce the ball a few times before he shoots. The whole point that the expert was making is that it is important for the brain to find its sweet spot to function. The expert also talks about another sweet spot for the brain when it comes to sleeping that he calls winding down. If the person is not able to wind down, then he may experience sleep disturbances.


Neurocore brain training is compared to finding that sweet spot and muscle memory. One thing that Neurocore aims to do is get the brain to function in its sweet spot. The way it is able to do this is by being connected to the brain so that it can read the waves of the brain. As long as the brain is operating in its sweet spot, the video will play. Once the brain gets out of the sweet spot, then the video will stop playing. With enough of these sessions, the brain will stay in the sweet spots easily in a way that is similar to muscle memory. Read more about Neurocore at