Jim Toner: A Successful Investor, Author and a Consultant in the Real Estate Business

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For over 25 years, Jim Toner has enjoyed his career as an investor in the real estate business, a consultant, a speaker and a radio show host. He has spoken across the country about the value of investing intelligently in real estate and has appeared in the likes of Bill Bartmann, Frank Mckinney, The Napoleon Hill Foundation and Sharon Lechter. His expertise in making the business more profitable to the general public has made his service attract huge demand. Many people consistently pay around $2,000 to $15000 so that they can be present at his real estate venture programs.

For the many years, he has been in the business, Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) has imparted thousands with the way to financial freedom by using his strategy of 12 Little House Plan. Jim is an active philanthropist who has been recognized nationally for his work to the homeless.

Currently, he coaches groups and also works with Limited Private Clients Group and in both, he works on waiting lists. Occasionally, Jim accepts entrepreneurial business issues and even new clients on private coaching.

In his book “The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate,” Jim Toner gives real stories of people who have been changed by his program in the real world. He narrates how Individuals from all walks of life have achieved their dreams and accomplished financial freedom using his system as he gives their stories in full. As the market is changing, he offers ideas of where to get perfect opportunities, ways to avoid lies, pitfalls and charlatans who try to steal your money. Having lost all his money at some point in his business, Jim Toner gives tips on how to invest in the real estate the right way as he provides a simple blueprint that works. Whether you are new in the business or you are an established investor, the book is designed to help everyone. The book is not about ideas and theories, but detailed accounts of strategies to use and real-life instance studies. It offers an assured system that offers real-world accounts of people who have followed a proven structure and succeed and also it helps individuals to operate through the tons of misinformation.

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