Jim Toner and His Commendable Career as an Author, Entrepreneur and Public Speaker in The Real Estate Niche

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An elaborate and accurate recap of the interview that real estate investor Jim Toner did for Ideamensch would be incomplete if it didn’t start first with the ideas and business lessons that Toner wants to share to the readers. For starters, Toner shared that for one to get a lot chances of success in business, the ideas that define the core of the company’s vision should be clarified. Clarity is essential and crucial. Clarity will give vision and fuel to one’s creative endeavors and to get the energy to withstand challenges in running a business.

According to Jim Toner in the interview that one’s business model should be tested in a trial and error style. Only through a strategy like this that sustainable results verifiable in a real-world situation can be obtained.

The interview also shared the success that Jim Toner enjoys lately both as an author of insightful real estate books. He’s also successful as a public speaker whose fame and prominence can already be compared with the likes of Bill Bartmann, Frank McKinney and Charon Lechter. Such reputation makes it not that much of a surprise that people pay as much as $15,000 and travel from across the globe just so they can hear Toner talk. Such talk is mostly about the true real estate investment programs today that would bring ominous profits.

Toner is also known for being a real estate entrepreneur with twenty-five years of experience already in the field. He’s also taught a large number of people already with his custom-made and time-tested 12 Little Houses Plan. Other than that, Toner also makes time for social charity work, including being a philanthropist who helps homeless people and veterans get the well-deserved assistance that they need. Toner is also a member of the Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation.

The career of Toner today is now spent more doing private consultancy in a Private Client Group set-up. He coaches groups and individuals about entrepreneurship, and it’s impressive to know that there’s a lot of waiting lists for attendees already, doing all they can to get to hear Toner speak about business.

Jim Toner’s reputation as a charismatic public speaker about business issues is already established, but he also doesn’t work alone. Toner is also known for being part of what is called “The Band of Rebels”. It’s a group of entrepreneurs that has for its focus the attitude of always being on the edge of real estate developments. The intention of such group is to generate the best ideas to share with their readers. It also aims to put in practice the attitude of fighting the odds that hamper success in real estate, as well as in other creative ventures.

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