Michael Burwell: Chief Financial Officer Of The Willis Tower Watson

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Michael Burwell currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Willis Tower Watson. Prior to Michael joining the Willis Tower Watson, he worked at the Prince Water house coopers LLP for 31 good years. Michael is a certified public accountant and possesses a degree in business administration which he acquired from the Michigan State University. The same university named Michael Burwell as the Alumnus of the year back in 2010.


In an exclusive interview with Ideamensch, Michael explained the way his typical day looks like. He said that for him, a day begins at five in the morning. He added that he has a habit of making his bed daily, as this makes him feel as if he has accomplished something. He then gets a peloton bike and while riding it that’s when he thinks about what he wants to achieve before the day ends. He also said that at the beginning of every week or month, he sets a target of what he wants to achieve at the end of both.


According to Michael Burwell, one habit that makes him more productive is his mindset of how one can do more with less. He added that is very significant as it makes very great and superior people become more productive. He said that by manipulation of technology, he shares apps that make him productive with other people and he asks them to give them theirs that enhance their productivity. Michael recommended people to be good listeners and build their networks.


During the interview, he was asked about one book the he recommends the community to read and the reason he recommended it. Michal Burwell recommended a book going by the tittle “Soft Selling in a Hard World” written by Jerry Vass. His reason was that the book helps the reader comprehend the roots of a successful life. He added that his favorite quote says that there is only one place that you can find leadership and that is in the mirror.


Michael Burwell joined the global advisory, broking and solutions company the Willis Towers Watson, where he replaced Roger Millay after he voluntarily retired on October the second 2017. John Haley the Chief Executive Officer of the Willis Towers Watson commented on the announcement of the coming in of Michael and said that they were excited to have Michael Burwell joining the company’s leadership team at a very significant time of the company’s evolution. He added that Mr. Burwell has deep



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