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Whitney Wolfe Takes Down Tinder as Tinder Parent Company Makes Ludicrous Accusations

Posted by WA6 on

     There are a lot of dating apps for people to look into. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe knows that the competition is fierce, and she has done everything in her power to make sure that she has a dating app that people can put their faith into. It has been a quick rise to fame for Whitney Wolfe, and now companies like the Match Group are trying to capitalize on the work that she has put forth.

There definitely is a large amount of interest in what she has been able to do when it comes to connecting the dots with single women that are of a professional nature. When it comes to other apps that are popular like Tinder it is more of a wide range of men and women have no particular profession.

By contrast, the men and women that tend to gravitate towards Bumble are typically business-oriented professionals that have heard about her dating app by way of friends. In most cases people that have become connected with Bumble have already tried Tinder. They may have not had the type of connections that they wanted with Tinder so they made a decision to cancel Tinder account and switch over to Bumble.

The mere fact that more singles are actually leaving an app like Tinder in order to see what is available on Bumble makes it ludicrous for the CEO of Tinder to accuse Bumble of stealing ideas. For one, Whitney Wolfe was already apart of Tinder when it was created so a large part of the structural style of this app belongs to her as much as it does to the remaining members in leadership at Tinder.

Another thing that makes this a very difficult accusation to prove is that Whitney Wolfe has taken the lead in the dating app industry with Bumble. If Tinder was already in a leadership position and Whitney Wolfe has knocked this company down a notch it would be senseless to think that she was offering the same thing that Tinder was offering.

Whitney Wolfe rises above the typical dating app because she offers other concepts like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. She is also heavily connected with people that are standing for the #MeToo movement. On top of all this Whitney Wolfe is a feminist that is fighting for less harassment of women when it comes to social media and more dating online.