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Ensuring It’s The RealReal Deal

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Capitalizing on a virtually untapped market, The RealReal brings gently used, high end designer merchandise to the public at discounted prices. While there is a lot of skepticism and hesitation about buying luxury items on consignment for fear of getting a fake product, The RealReal employs a staff of industry experts who authenticate and validate each and every piece before listing it for sale, allowing their customers to shop with confidence.

Since it’s founding in 2011, The RealReal has brought designer fashion to eight million members through their website and storefront locations. Names like Louis Vuitton, Birkin, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Rolex, and Versace are just a fraction of highly sought after brands found at The RealReal.

Before a product hits the shelves or graces the webpage, it is examined in great detail by the appropriate industry expert. Whether it’s an art curator, gemologist, horologist, or brand authenticator needed, Julie Wainwright, founder of The RealReal, provides skilled professionals in all of those areas.

Ensuring their products are authentic isn’t the end for this power company. They offer classes at their stores to teach consumers how to tell the difference between a genuine article and a knockoff. The SoHo location recently hosted a training session on Hermès Birkin handbags led by handbag-valuation manager Claire DeBoer. These bags can reach $10,000 in price, so making sure it’s the real deal is of paramount importance.

The RealReal strives to set itself apart in the consignment world, providing more of an art gallery type of an experience rather than a thrift store bargain hunt. Items are showcased and displayed like works of art, with placards filled with information as opposed to a basic tag. Shoppers are encouraged to learn more about high fashion as they browse through what feels like a curated museum, but is in fact a luxurious store. Even the website is filled with professional, high quality photos, unlike that of their competitors. Clearly, The RealReal values it’s customers and the designers they represent.

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Ryan Seacrest and the American Idol Show

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Ryan Seacrest is an American presenter, producer, and an entrepreneur. Seacrest is a host of various media programs in different radio and TV stations in the United States. He started has a presenter in a local radio station and scaled up his expertise to become one of the most prominent media men in the nation.

On Radio, Ryan Seacrest host a morning show called On Air with Ryan Seacrest. He hosts this radio program show on 102.7 KIIS FM owned by iHeartMedia. He is also the host of Top 40 Radio show that is syndicated nationally.

Ryan Seacrest is the executive producer and co-host on the ABC/Disney syndicated show called Live with Kelly and Ryan. The show is on air every morning. Ryan Seacrest is the host and official producer of the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

According to Forbes, Ryan Seacrest has brought back his prominent show, American Idol. American Idol is a TV show that hosts a singing competition of various American artists. Fans and supporters of the show have the anxiety to tune in to watch this beautiful competitive show.

The American Idol show comes with exclusively new look for its 16th season. The show comprises of a team of the jury that is made up of experienced, famous experts. The judges include Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. The anxiety of the audiences all over the country was quenched when the prominent Ryan Seacrest calmly welcomed them. Ryan has served as the American Idol host for quite some time now. The show has turned him into a legend.

As the executive host of the show, Seacrest has been able to honor various great artists from the nation. He even got opportunities to crown some of them. Some of the artists that Seacrest was privileged to honor and crown include Ruben Studdard, Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson.

When the American Idol show cancelation was publicized, Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) went into a soul-searching moment to figure out on his next move. He then received an invitation to become a permanent co-host of Kelly on the show that was formerly called Live On ABC. After accepting the opportunity, the show’s name was changed to Live with Kelly and Ryan.

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The Career And Unique Ingenuity Of Hussain Sajwani Made The Damac Owner A Success

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The name Hussain Sajwani is closely associated with his numerous real estate projects, Dubai and Damac Properties and DAMAC foundation. He initiated two of the biggest booms in real estate, both before and after the crash of 2008. The Damac owner began his career going to his fathers shop every day after school. He accredits part of his success to the lessons he learned during these years. His father taught him the importance of adapting to a customer base. Eventually he was awarded a United States scholarship.


Forbes has stated the tenth richest Arab is the Damac owner, Hussain Sajwani. His net worth is estimated at $3.7 billion. In 2017, the fourth largest company in the Arab world was Damac Properties. As the biggest private developer in Dubai, the Damac owner was hit hard during the property crash of 2008. He battled his way through and restored his fortunes. Hussain Sajwani always had a lot of ambition. He studied in Baghdad and went to the University of Washington in Seattle to study economics and engineering. The gap the countries was immense including high rises, freeways and enormous retail and department stores. This was when the Damac owner realized what was actually possible.


Chairman of DAMAC group Hussain Sajwani went back home in 1982. He went out on his own two years later and founded Global Logistics Services to enter the world of catering. In 1996 the construction began in Deira for the first of five hotels. The government began allowing expats to hold property leases for 99 years in 2001. The decree of 2002 enabled freehold property ownership for foreigners. This was the year Hussain Sajwani decided the timing was right to found Damac Properties. He admits he did not know at the time this moment would completely change his life but he clearly saw the opportunity.


From 2004 until 2006, Hussain Sajwani made nearly five times the profit from investing in the stock market than in real estate. This money went right back into the land. Damac Properties grew quickly and it grew big. Hussain Sajwani saw the crash of 2018 coming and the measures he took saved his company.

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Hussain Sajwani’s Journey to Success

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The success of a company will highly depend on the skillful leadership of the chief executive officer. This, therefore, means that any business organizations can only succeed if the leader has excellent entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. The vision and dedication of the ideas that the leader has is also another factor that determines the success of the company. Getting several awards means that you are excellent at what you do. This is the case with Hussain Sajwani. This DAMAC owner has been able to scoop several awards. In 2017’s Top CEO Awards, Hussain Sajwani was able to take the first place after defeating the other CEOs in the list. In addition to this award, he was also ranked 11 amongst one hundred CEOs in the region.

The DAMAC owner has become iconic in the region due to the high entrepreneurial skills that he displays in the running of the business. In the area, DAMAC property is well recognized. The firm is involved in the development of luxurious properties.

Hussain Sajwani holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington. After school, he was able to secure a job with a company known as GASCO. He, later on, decided to practice his entrepreneurial skills by starting a catering venture. This step proved to be a success. The business enterprise that he started has been able to grow immensely. The investment has been able to become one of the most recognized catering firms. It caters for more than two hundred projects across different regions. Besides, the venture has been documented to serve more than a hundred and fifty thousand meals in a day.

The DAMAC owner is seen as one of the pioneers of real estate investments in the region. he established several hotels in 1990’s that would accommodate the high populations that flowed to the region to conduct business. This was a successful step. In 2002, he was able to found DAMAC Properties.

The DAMAC owner has had several business meetings with Donald Trump, US president. The sessions are geared towards having joint ventures in the real estate investments.

The DAMAC owner is also a philanthropic person. This is seen through the fact that he has been donating millions to many charitable organizations.

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Trading With AvaTrade Review

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For those looking for a place to start their online trading, there is never a better way to start their trading than the platform provided by Ava trade. The company provides customer customized platform to fit the different styles of trading available. The trading platforms offered by Avatrade include; Avatrade Act, Meta Trade 4, Dupli trade, Robox, Mirror Trader, Zulu Trade. The trading platforms are offered over the desktop browser version or on the mobile applications. The desktop browser platform is stable and the user can customize them to their liking. The advantage of these platforms is that they can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. The mobile platforms are accessible using the android phones or iPhone. These applications are stable and include other analytical tools. The desktop and mobile versions also include additional features like newsfeeds and educational articles.

Avatrade review provides different financial markets that a client can trade in. The client can either chose to earn money from forex or commodity trading. The client has a choice of trading in the new cryptocurrencies or stock prices. Avatrade also provides clients with the option of Contract for Difference (CFD) to trade in commodities.

The biggest advantage of trading with Avatrade is the larger spreads it offers its clients. The company also protects its clients through different methods. First, it separates the client funds from corporate funds to reduce risk on client funds. Secondly, the client’s assets of up to £20,000 are protected through the Investor Compensation Company. Lastly, the firm makes sure the client cannot lose money more than his deposit. It is important to note that Avatrade does not charge the client for withdrawal or contract termination.

This private company founded in 2006 by Emanuel and Nosatzki with the aim of creating a client-focused forex broker, has over half a million clients in over 160 countries. Avatrader has its headquarters in Dublin with the holding company in the British Virgin Islands. The changing of the company’s name from Avafx to Avatrade just shows what the company is made of and its aim in making online trading available for every Nick and Harry.


Bruno Fagali Makes an Impact on the Brazilian Business Law

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     Bruno Fagali is a common name in the Brazilian Legal sector due to the fact that he falls among the finest lawyers in the country. He has majored his career in helping the business grow by giving advice that aids in the compliance with the current legal statutes.

Compliance with the new laws

Currently, the Brazilian market is composed of several regulations that control businesses. All the companies in the region are forced to be in compliance with the laws. For this reasons, they have always relied on Bruno Fagali’s expertise to offer the right guidance on the daily business chores. Currently, the legal counsel offers his services to over 12 companies in the country.

Attendance at board meetings

Fagali always visits his clients’ board meetings to guide their business decisions. The companies are always looking for ways through which their choices could be supported by the law while having the minimum risks possible. Fagali ensures that every client is updated with management laws which could affect the businesses. For this reason, most of the clients have witnessed excellence over the years.

Foundation of Fagali Advocacy Law Firm

When Bruno Fagali commenced his career on founded Fagali Advocacy, he did not know that the law firm would later accrue the success witnessed today. He has always been very passionate about the law and creating a business environment that that improves the status of the society. Because of this vision, the law firm has managed to assist several businesses and key corporations to remain in compliance with the laws of Brazil.

About Lawyer Fagali

Bruno Fagali is currently an attorney and the founder of Fagali Advocacia law firm in Brazil. He had attained a bachelor’s degree in Law at Sao Paulo University. He later specialized in Administrative law. He has gained several positions as the legal counsel in different companies. Fagali is also working towards helping clients develop relations and partnerships that would promote press conference management. The renowned lawyer is able to provide business solutions that would uplift the country’s economic performance.

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Talos energy group international is an energy and petroleum exploration company based in Houston, Texas.The company was incorporated in may 12th 1996 by a group of businessmen within the Houston metropolis .at the time of formation the company had a mission of providing cheap, clean, and affordable energy to the people of Texas county. The promoters saw this as a great opportunity because at the time the county of Texas was developing at a high rate and there was a rising demand for energy products. Although the company had a good head start, there were a few difficulties along the way. First, the government had put in place tough regulations on production and consumption of energy especially petroleum products .raising enough capital to fund its operations and invest in modern technology was a huge hindrance and the company found itself lagging behind its competitors and it almost faced bankruptcy.

The turning point of the company was the appointment of mark miller as the Talos energy group manager in the early 2000s.he had a wide range of experience in the energy industry having held senior positions in other company with a lot of success. He worked miracles in the company and he was able to transform the fortunes of the company by embracing new ideas and assembling a crew of like-minded people who aided in running the company.Within a year the company turned profitable and was able to try new technology like using renewable energy production methods as well as investing in automobile production.

The company was able to open new branches in Los Angeles and New York thus expanding its business considerably. By the year 2010, the company had become a major multinational corporation with a wide range of products in various cities in the world.Today the energy firm is among the top ten energy producing firms in the world. Almost every household in the world uses the company’s goods every day. It’s almost impossible to ignore the impact of the on the livelihoods of people, especially in Texas. The energy conglomerate employs tens of thousands of Americans and also offers scholarships to bright but needy students as well.Talos energy is a modern day business success story.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Provides Tips for Parents on How to Educate Children About Finances

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For people who are finding it difficult to manage their money and finances, it is recommended that you reach out for help from financial professionals, like ones at HCR Wealth Advisors. As a registered investment advisory firm with years of experience in the field of finance, HCR Wealth Advisors is fully equipped to provide financial planning services to individuals as well as entities. The team at HCR Wealth Advisors monitor market movements and research and evaluate various investment options available in the market. For people who are not that financially savvy, taking the help of the professionals can help them stay ahead of the market and in an effort to achieve  more significant returns from their investments.

HCR Wealth Advisors believes that it is not only the adults that need some financial education. Parents should also start training their kids on how to handle money. If the kids are taught about the importance and value of money from a young age, studies have shown that they grow up to be responsible with their money and are more able to manage their finances later on in life. HCR Wealth Advisors believe that parents should give their kids some amount of funds for completing various chores. It would help the kids understand that it can be difficult to earn money, teaching them to spend it wisely.

Making children work for their money would also ensure that they understand how much difficulty the parents go through every day to earn that money. Also, it is essential for parents to teach their kids about the importance of savings. Opening a savings account for the children and talking with them about banking and investments regularly is also a good idea. Budgeting is another thing that parents should teach their kids about. It would help the kids to understand how to manage their money and not spend them uselessly on things they desire, but not necessarily need. Understanding the difference between the want and need would go a long way in helping them save considerable money as they grow up.

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How Jed Mccaleb Makes An Astounding Difference In The Financial Sector

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Jed McCaleb is an entrepreneur who has had a great interest in the technological invention. He was the bitcoin exchange as well as the peer-to-peer eDonkey technology that involves a network where multiple people share files from one computer to another. He is also the founder of Stellar which is one of the online non-profit financial companies that have brought a great difference in the operation of the world’s financial sector especially in the third world countries.

Before founding Stellar, according to Coin Telegraph, Jed McCaleb had worked in a significant number of technology companies which gave him the idea of founding Stellar. He identified a gap that needed to be filled in the financial sector after making observations that most of the world’s population did not have access to banking services for various reasons. One of the reasons was that banks in kiost5 countries are located in the urban areas thus limiting banking services to the people who lived in the rural areas.

Jed McCaleb also observed that to open a bank account, a lot of paperwork is required for the client’s authentication and this was one of the reasons that discouraged most people from opening bank accounts. Still, in the process of authentication, most of the people were; and be denied the right to access the banking services due to lack of qualification for example because of low income.

He also saw that during the opening of bank accounts, there was a lot of deposit fee that was required which discouraged most people especially the low-income earners from having bank accounts. As a result, these people decided to save their money in the houses which in turn resulted in attraction of thieves resulting to increase in poverty.

Jed McCaleb saw that it was the right time to open a company that would try as much as possible to solve all these challenges. Stellar now serves as an online financial system that allows all the groups in the economy to make business transactions online across the border. It is accessible to all people in all the locations whether in the rural or the urban centers. This has made him receive high recognition in contributing to the economic growth and development of many countries, especially in the developing world.

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Whitney Wolfe Takes Down Tinder as Tinder Parent Company Makes Ludicrous Accusations

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     There are a lot of dating apps for people to look into. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe knows that the competition is fierce, and she has done everything in her power to make sure that she has a dating app that people can put their faith into. It has been a quick rise to fame for Whitney Wolfe, and now companies like the Match Group are trying to capitalize on the work that she has put forth.

There definitely is a large amount of interest in what she has been able to do when it comes to connecting the dots with single women that are of a professional nature. When it comes to other apps that are popular like Tinder it is more of a wide range of men and women have no particular profession.

By contrast, the men and women that tend to gravitate towards Bumble are typically business-oriented professionals that have heard about her dating app by way of friends. In most cases people that have become connected with Bumble have already tried Tinder. They may have not had the type of connections that they wanted with Tinder so they made a decision to cancel Tinder account and switch over to Bumble.

The mere fact that more singles are actually leaving an app like Tinder in order to see what is available on Bumble makes it ludicrous for the CEO of Tinder to accuse Bumble of stealing ideas. For one, Whitney Wolfe was already apart of Tinder when it was created so a large part of the structural style of this app belongs to her as much as it does to the remaining members in leadership at Tinder.

Another thing that makes this a very difficult accusation to prove is that Whitney Wolfe has taken the lead in the dating app industry with Bumble. If Tinder was already in a leadership position and Whitney Wolfe has knocked this company down a notch it would be senseless to think that she was offering the same thing that Tinder was offering.

Whitney Wolfe rises above the typical dating app because she offers other concepts like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. She is also heavily connected with people that are standing for the #MeToo movement. On top of all this Whitney Wolfe is a feminist that is fighting for less harassment of women when it comes to social media and more dating online.