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How Does ClassDojo Helps Classrooms Connect With Parents?

Posted by WA6 on

Parents in every school are asked to meet with the teachers of their children during the course of the year, and the conferences are often difficult to hold when there is no time for a meeting. ClassDojo has filled the gap in the industry by creating something that helps parents and teachers speak over a video conference. This article explains how a video conference will ensure everyone is up-to-date on the progress of the child.

#1: How Does ClassDojo Work?

Parents may see the teacher on their computer through the ClassDojo system, and the teachers may speak to parents from their desks. The system created a secure video feed where both parties may speak freely, and they will learn ab out each other as they begin their conversations. The video conference is no different from any other video call, and it will help the two sides have an open discussion.

#2: Why Do Teachers Need ClassDojo?

Teachers are in dire need of ClassDojo when they cannot get parents to come to conferences. Convincing parents to carve out some time to talk on ClassDojo is quite simple as compared to dragging them into the school for a conference. The parents often do not appreciate it, and they are concerned they do not have enough time in the day to make it down to the school.

#3: How Do Children Benefit?

Children benefit when all the people involved in their education are on the same page. There are quite a few people who skip on this part of the educational process, and they do not know what is going on at school with the child. The child that is trying their best may be struggling in a way the parents will help with, but the parents cannot do anything without meeting the teacher.

#4: How Simple Is The System?

Everyone involved in the school may log into the system, and the school may purchase a school plan that allows every teacher use of the service. The service is quite simple to use, and it will help those who are simply unable to pay. The teachers are given a login and password when they begin, and they may use ClassDojo as much as they like.

Schools that choose to use ClassDojo are making education simple for everyone, and they are avoiding missed conferences. Parents and teachers must meet to ensure the success of every child.