Darius Fisher of Status Labs Reputation Management Firm Is One to Watch

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As the internet has grown to become an significant part of our lives on both a personal and business level; the management of digital public relations has become a service that is much needed. Austin, Texas based Status Labs has emerged over the past four years as a leader in the field. The public face of Status Labs is cofounder and president Darius Fisher, who prweek.com includes in their Innovation 50 list of influential and powerful figures in the P.R. World (the piece spotlighting Darius Fisher and Status Labs can be read here: http://www.prweek.com/article/1364574/darius-fisher-innovation-50)

As the above linked article explains; Status Labs deals with optimizing search results for high-profile individuals and companies. Some just want to polish their profile and enhance their branding. While others contact Darius Fisher for his expertise in damage control. The growth of digital P.R. along with the strength of Status Labs’s work has allowed the company to roll out new offices in Sau Paulo and New York in recent months in order to provide services for an ever-growing list of clients in 35 countries.

Previous work as a political consultant and a copywriter were parts of Fisher’s development before launching Status Labs. Interviews such as this: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/06/29/i-got-doxxed-so-you-don-t-have-to.html where Fisher describes in depth some of the methods used in his work make it clear why he enjoys his own reputation as an influential figure in the reputation-management field. He can navigate a crisis and rebuild a damaged reputation, or build a reputation from scratch, with equal dexterity.

Fisher is a native New Yorker and an honors graduate from Vanderbilt University. As co-founder of Status Labs he created the company’s vision and personally oversaw recruitment and development of their sales and management groups. As president he continues to guide the company’s strategies and watch over it’s growth.