Flavio Maluf Is A Skilled Leader In Business

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Brazil contains many acres of rainforest, and a lot of the ecosystems that are threatened by industry. Many industries just go into the rainforest to take what they need, and they do not have much concern for damage that is being done. Industries also can cause damage to other ecosystems, in different regions of the world. However, there are companies that work to avoid damaging the environment. One of these environmentally friendly companies is Eucatex. This approach has been utilized by Eucatex all along. Eucatex is a 50+ year old company, and they have always been environmentally friendly.

Eucatex is a producer of products that are used to design homes and business. They make paints, doors, and other items that are used for interior design. However, they aren’t ordinary home design products. In fact, the materials that Eucatex uses are quite unique indeed. They use Eucalyptus in some products they make. The company’s products have become extremely popular, and they are sold in a multitude of different countries. Eucatex also has excellent leadership. In fact, the president of Eucatex has exceptional ambition and talent.

Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex. He has been a very talented businessman for his entire career. Most corporate executives hold that position at a singular company. However, Flavio Maluf is an exception to that rule. He is not the executive of one company. Instead, he’s the executive for two companies! He is also the president of GrandFoods. GrandFoods is a very well known throughout Brazil. They also are a highly successful corporation, and Flavio Maluf helps to keep it that way.

There are different reasons why Flavio Maluf has made such an excellent president of his family company Eucatex. However, he got a great education to go into the business world. He has educational experience from two different colleges. Both of the colleges he went to are held in extremely high regard. His undergraduate degree was from FAAP. FAAP is a Brazilian college located in the city of Sao Paulo Brazil. FAAP has been seen extremely positively by Brazilians for many years. However, he also went to another equally well respected college. He is an NYU graduate with a master’s degree. This has been a superior educational experience.  He’s also known for commenting on issues of the day as well.

Flavio has commented on Allergen buying Pfizer, and what that means for Brazil. Now that the economy is booming, and other companies are wanting to take advantage, all sorts of moves are happening.  Flavio has also talked about Dupont, and what Rubbermaid is currently doing in the markets.

Eucatex going to be a growing company in coming years. Flavio Maluf will continue to contribute to Eucatex’s success. Furthermore, economic conditions in Brazil are such that growth is likely.