Jon Urbana Is An Active Person

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Jon Urbana is a well-known name not just in Colorado, but also around the world. As a lacrosse player, he had a great professional and college player. When he stepped off the field as an active player, Urbana moved into the world of training. His Next Level Lacrosse Training Camp is the place where the stars of the tomorrow refine their skills. Jon Urbana is such a top trainer, people should take a closer look at the sports endeavors he is involved with. What ends up being supremely surprising to many are the various other interests that Jon Urbana is involved with.

Urbana is an avid Tumblr user, and he is a fan of photo art. Most blogs are loaded with long, detailed written entries. Urbana chooses to make his blog a nice venue for scores of photo art pieces. His Instagram and Product Hunt accounts also reveal a lot of amazing photographs. Interestingly, food-related art is popularly presented on his Vimeo channel time and time again. A number of these photos are visually stunning and worth admiring.

The social media accounts of Jon Urbana and his own website do a lot more than just discuss photography. Virtually any and all topics under the proverbial sun are fair game on the numerous sites. Twitter, in particular, is home to notices about the sciences, entertainment, sports, and more. The links are helpful and informative, and definitely worth following.

Sometimes, Urbana has to be followed into the wild blue yonder. He is a very accomplished pilot. Very few people in the world hold a pilot’s license, and fewer still maintain significant credentials. Jon Urbana is so credentialed, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) chose to acknowledge his high level of skills. The award given to him by the FAA was newsworthy enough, journalists covered its bestowing.

Urbana is also an extremely successful entrepreneur and manager. In addition to running a successful lacrosse camp, he has guided a laser technology business in a positive direction. Likely, he will be involved in scores of other business endeavors in the future. His LinkedIn profile is surely a good source to stay on top of the work he does.

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